To taste Chinese culture and feel the flavor of Shanghai New Year, members of the foreign story-telling club and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan “clocked” yu Garden

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Many foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese living in Shanghai may have fond memories of celebrating the Traditional Chinese New Year with their relatives and friends in Shanghai.But how to celebrate the Spring Festival like a real Shanghainese, what are the “traditional programs”?When she heard that the Information Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Yuyuan Garden Holdings would hold a Spring Festival activity for the members of “Foreigner Telling Stories” club, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese on January 25, Hong Yuansook, a Korean doctor working in Shanghai Hechuan Rhein Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, called her friends with joy.She felt the need to steal a few tricks to add more festive Chinese elements to another Spring Festival she spent in Shanghai.Photo caption: Nearly 100 members of the Laowai Story-telling club, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese participating in the Spring Festival garden experience activity.Xinmin Evening News reporter Tao Lei (the same below) printed the word “fu” to guess lantern riddles, to understand more about The Chinese New Year, naturally, to paste “fu” everywhere in the house.But it is the first time Hong has seen a picture that combines a good meaning with the Chinese character for happiness, like the Taohuawu woodcut.Brush the wood plate with golden ink, carefully place a piece of red paper, hold the paper with one hand and grasp the strength with the other hand, print, and then open it, and a wonderful red gold fu is made.”You see, peony, a symbol of wealth, persimmon, a symbol of all good things, there is luck.””I wanted to put it on the door, like Chinese people often do during Spring Festival,” Ms. Hong said exultantly as she showed off the fruits of her labor.When she heard that not every place can be inverted “fu”, Hong won-sook was even more interested: “There are so many exquisite.”Anne-catherine, founder of Luneurs and ice cream developer of “Internet celebrity”, shows the character “fu”.Yes, China is a country with vast territory, abundant resources and profound culture. Even many local people, let alone foreign friends from different cultural backgrounds, may not be able to explain all kinds of customs and culture thoroughly.Having said that, understanding more about The Chinese lifestyle with its Oriental aesthetics will help us understand more about China and Shanghai.Assi Si, a Nepalese native who speaks fluent Chinese, was intrigued by the traditional Chinese New Year riddle guessing.Although he came to Shanghai in 2003 to study for a master’s degree in medicine and started working in a Shanghai hospital right after graduation, he has never solved lantern riddles.I thought I could try and guess a little, but when I saw the answer “a tiger (type a Chinese character)”, Asi was a little stunned.Further down, 10 riddles, each more difficult than the last.Originally, the ancient Chinese called the tiger “big bug”, so “a tiger” means “silkworm”.After an explanation, Astate seemed to understand a little, but she also had new doubts.”It turns out that every word puzzle has a rich cultural connotation.””Exclaimed Asce.It seemed that he understood the charm of guessing lantern riddles, and that this was not just the charm of guessing lantern riddles.If these fun experiences taught Ms. Hong and Ms. Asse more about traditional Chinese lunar culture, Ms. Dai, a French chef, is trying to incorporate them into her work and life.How to make your own New Year’s table, also on a genuine Shanghai dim sum – xiao long bao?Dai Guangtan, who has learned the craft of making xiao long bao from a friend, has experience in this question.But even so, when You Yumin, the head chef and sixth-generation inheritor of yuyuan, a steamed bun restaurant in Nanxiang, demonstrates the traditional technique for making steamed buns, he keeps his eyes peeled, afraid to miss any detail.”It was the first time to roll the skin with two rolling pins and I was not used to it.”Dai Guangtan was amazed by master You’s unique skills.Photo: Dai Guangtan (second from right) experiences making xiaolongbao.Although wear wide also not going to in their own show on the eve of the new to the technology, but as a part-time aunt made Chinese home cooking inspired the enthusiasm of French chef cooking, he began to study early recipes, ready to shine in this year Spring Festival, do a filled with truffle French delicacies such as common ingredients, the fusion of Chinese and western in a duck.Maybe next Spring Festival, dai guangtan’s surprise for his family will be a small cage of Nanxiang, which combines both Chinese and western elements.Dai guangtan’s love for China and Shanghai is also a way for a foreigner to tell Chinese stories with his own unique understanding.To tell the Chinese story well and enhance the soft power of cities, we can not only tell the story, but also let people experience and feel it.Picture: Shadow play experience.Dai Guangtan and nearly 100 guests from different countries or regions, engaged in different industries and across different age groups participated in this experience to truly experience the traditional Chinese New Year culture.Even if in a hurry, also want to audition a shadow puppetry;Even if it is a bit different, try to pinch a tiger head steamed bread;Even if it is just copying, it is necessary to write oracle bones…Experience the rich Spring Festival atmosphere in advance, and take home the carefully made products, paste them on the door, put them on the table, and show them to relatives and friends.That’s the charm of Chinese culture.Of course, the Spring Festival and which can be less good wishes and blessings.”It’s a different Spring Festival because the Year of the Tiger is coming.”The New Year’s wish of Michael, general Manager of Shanghai New International Expo Center Co., LTD., who has just won the Shanghai Magnolia Award again, is “tiger can ‘bite’ novel Coronavirus”.”Happy New Year!Michael said.