Jed Altman: The ultimate sublimator skill set

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While in ultimate form, Jed releases photon energy to propel his body into high speed motion, spinning at high speed while using the ultimate sublimator to cut off enemies.Killed a Galatron in seconds.Gigabit thrust long press the button to push the sublimator blade once, press the button again to start the move.Jed pointed the ultimate sublimator at the enemy, and the top of the sublimator emitted a powerful destructive beam that severely damaged Gilbali’s mechanical body.New Moon final JIDE new Chinese translation name: JIDE ultimate half Moon Cut jIDE sublimator scan on the ultimate sublimator, long press the button to push the sublimator blade three times, press the button again to launch the move.Ultimate form’s greatest kill, focusing all of its energy on the giant crescent light slash unleashed by the Ultimate sublimator.Due to the role of the ultimate sublimator, the data virus carried out by Jide was previously into the data space to increase the transformation, and become the data ability of the ultimate form of Jide, Jide will be repeated for several times to enhance the data ability, so that the “New Moon jide” this move has the power to destroy the body of Gilbaris.Cast as the final blow in the theatrical version, it completely destroys the core of the giant artificial mind Gilbali.Attack the ultramaxed Dark Killer with a long-range shot in Ultramaxed Galaxy Fight: Heroes of the New Generation.Killed mechanical Delos in The Targartmann Theatre Version: Top of the New Generation.After aix-Beta spark armor bursts the Beta Spark, obu triune’s Trinitim nimbus simultaneously attacks the evil demon Demon Grimder with no effect.Ultimate Sublimator Slicer Jedd gathers energy in the ultimate sublimator to form an energy blade that slashes enemies at close range and fires a blue energy blade.The JEDd Ultimate Defense uses the Ultimate sublimator to defend against enemy attacks.The ultimate form uses the dark Laser used by Torella Calpos, who blocked Torekia in rob’s theatrical version, and Otto’s Dark Killer.