Chinese women’s volleyball player Zhang Changning held a wedding ceremony with Chinese basketball player Edison Wu in June

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The golden couple of Chinese sports, Zhang Changning and Edison Wu, will hold their wedding ceremony in June.Zhang Changning, China’s Olympic women’s volleyball representative, and Basketball player Edison Wu announced the news on their micro blogs this morning, sharing photos of wedding dresses, both Chinese and Western.Two people in the micro-blog message is very thoughtful, Zhang Changning is “warm and cold know each other,” xi “joy share”, there is Wu’s “Xi” word;On the other side, Wu wrote “the same amount of heaven and earth wide, spend time together” often “, which has Zhang Changning “often” word.Although Chang chang ning and Wu only held their wedding ceremony in June, they are already married.Zhang Changning said:”We actually choose to license are relatively abrupt, because we always think that marriage is not that kind of together think we should get married after many years, should be together, it’s about time after decision. But now really impulsive, and want to live with this person for a lifetime and make the decision. So we after parents agree, to get the certificate.”Zhang was only 22 years old at the time and Wu was a year older when he played in the Chinese Basketball Association.Chang, 26, and Ng, 27, have a long history. They are family friends.Zhang changning’s father, Zhang Yousheng, and Wu Wei, Wu’s father, were also Chinese men’s volleyball players and teammates on the national team.According to the media, Wu Guanxi was interested in Zhang Changning first, just as Zhang Changning’s physical fitness division transferred to Wu Guanxi’s men’s basketball work, Wu Guanxi asked him for Zhang Changning’s contact information.Zhang changning has previously told her love story with her husband in the documentary.The first text message from Wu to Zhang was “I’m Guan Xi, Jiangsu men never die”.The first time they met alone in the playground, Edison Wu put a loudspeaker in the hat into the surface of the song, so Zhang Changning’s first impression of him is that there is a burly figure with music to come over, since zhang Changning called him “bring BGM man”.Zhang changning revealed that Wu met her three criteria for a mate, which are taller than her, like music and like to laugh.Zhang changning himself is 1.95 meters tall, so it is not easy to meet the height criteria, while Wu, who plays center, is 2.1 meters tall.”I grew up thinking that my future spouse would be, first of all, taller than me,” she said.Before she would visit added: “the second is that I like boys like music. Because I like listening to music, singing. So I also hope that the other half and I have a common language in this respect. The third is that I like boys love to laugh, especially boys laughed good-looking. I prefer boys laugh is contagious.”