Polish city cards!Dongfeng to build a wisdom network of place names and signs

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Place names are closely related to People’s Daily life, and place names are important indicators of a city.In order to continuously improve the management level of place names in our town, beautify the town appearance and provide convenience for the masses to travel.From May 2021, the Public Service Office of Dongfeng Town will work with all villages (communities) to carry out the regulation and renovation of place names and road signs, optimize the daily supervision of place names and road signs, and create a new management model of smart place names.Street grid search items into the grid business training in a clampdown, the town of public service office in conjunction with the villages (communities) about 2000 road in my town to investigate place names and signs a baseline and field investigation, in view of the road is not clear, and street signs blur, severe fouling problems, in a timely manner to correct, repair or replacement.Up to now, all the place-names with problems (road signs) have been remade and installed, and 720 road signs have been removed, repaired and replaced.At the same time, the Public Service Office of Dongfeng Town combined with the Grid and big data center of Dongfeng Town to bring the supervision of about 1500 road signs in the town into the grid management, and carried out the business training for the grid inspection of road signs in the town to 90 grid members in the town, establishing a long-term mechanism of daily inspection and regular maintenance.Grid operators carry out regular inspection and supervision, report and transfer problems found in the daily inspection process, and deal with them in time.Wisdom toponym information management platform stage, phoenix town east public service office will continue to jointly grid data center, complete the places marked city of parts made of qr code, build places marked intelligence network, innovation management mode, implement “traditional name” to “place names” wisdom across, street management of digital, networked, realize the point-to-point precise positioning,Strengthen the daily supervision of road signs, further improve the management and construction level of place names and the standardization and standardization level of place names.Study of party history should know must meet in September 1927, MAO Zedong and Hunan provincial party committee led the hunan-Jiangxi border autumn harvest uprising, what is the revolutionary team called?Editor: Lu Siting, Liu Rui, Gan Jiahui, Fan Xiaomin Executive Editor: Wu Hongan, Editor: Xian Jiatao Source: Public Service Office of Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City