Let the Beauty of daily life | Nanjing East Road to erect the trend of new ground immersive exhibition to start the healing journey

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Remember Xianshi department store on Nanjing East Road?U479.The small to medium sized commercial building, named after number 479, recently opened its fourth floor art space, which this week welcomed visitors with a magical card tour that unleashed inner power.Photo: The introduction wall of the new media art installation exhibition of True Self Magic Mirror Card (photo: Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Kai) arrived at the 4th floor by the shopping mall sightseeing elevator.A small card carries questions about the future. Combining cards and mirrors, 5 artists introduce the audience to an immersive healing journey in 5 art forms.Upon entering the exhibition hall, there are layers of progressive installations, glittering silver spheres and pink wings, inviting viewers to engage in immersive clocking.This is an immersive exhibition that triggers all senses, inviting 5 emerging artists with their own creative ideas to bring 5 different art forms — media image, digital illustration, new floral art, sound art and new material installation.It uses “mirror” as the carrier to create a new card mirror new media device.Every aspect of human nature is depicted in this piece of true self illusion. From the moment you step into this art space, you start a magical journey of self-healing.When the audience walks between the mirrors, they can leave a group photo of the resonant works and feel the hidden Easter eggs of the sound artist in the “mirrors”.In the hidden egg area, the audience selects the exclusive “magic mirror ball”, which reflects the real desire of the heart and enhances the interest of watching and interacting.After the exhibition hall comes out, the exhibition extension area, you can take your favorite art prints home.After the exhibition, you can also have a casual afternoon tea in the bar area beside the exhibition hall, and taste the drinks and desserts co-authored by the artists.In June last year, U479 nanjing Road Pedestrian Street was U479 jointly created by New World Group and Yingzhan Digital Entertainment, which brought new fashion to nanjing Road and became a new landmark of new fashion nightlife.Night is a moonlight economy characterized by “tide, joy and enjoyment”.From last year to now, pop-up exhibitions have been held here for many times, gathering installation art, trend illustration, multi-material graffiti and musical instrument interpretation, gradually transforming into a trendy cultural gathering point on Nanjing East Road.In conjunction with the U479 premiere, Vans China’s first brand flagship store, the “Vans Shanghai” Brand Experience Center occupies the first floor and second floor, bringing social culture to the track of extreme sports, skateboarding, graffiti and street culture.U479 operator is introduced, the whole building beyond the exhibition, are more likely to “strengthen young force energy field” attitude, the tide brings together, food, entertainment, retail, held various theme activities, and introduce more fresh life experience class formats and tide, the nanjing road pedestrian street to build a “new tide culture” the content of the syntheses,Nourish the space with art and youth community.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Le Mengrong) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com