Daiyue District Mazhuang town: across the development, lead the way!To open up a new situation in the construction of modern strong towns

2022-06-21 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point correspondent Li Zhen persevered in moving forward.This year, Daiyue district Mazhuang town will be riveted foot “high vision, strive for the first, only the flag is seized” drive, keep high morale, focus on “a stable town, two production xing town” goal, spanning development, take the lead, strive to create a new era of modern strong town construction new situation.Will be about 2022, Ma Zhuang town district party committee, the district government decision deployment, convinced that “protect eight for 7 from the first” goal orientation, cohesion “industrial upgrading, rural revitalization” two big breakthrough, play “living environment, project construction, to strive for” three battles, hold “production safety, ecological and environmental protection, epidemic prevention and control, public security and social stability,” five line,Responsible, hard work, strive to create a new era of modern strong town construction new situation.In 2022, Mazhuang Town will do a good job in the following three aspects: first, build a solid agricultural foundation.Focusing on the main line of rural revitalization, we will continue to amplify the advantages of Wenyang Field.The water-logging depressions will be improved through township guidance, village-level construction and overall planning of funds, and will be fully completed by the end of February.We will continue to strengthen monitoring and rectification of map spots, and resolutely curb the conversion of cultivated land into non-agricultural land and permanent basic farmland into non-food land.We will carry out trials of green planting and recycling agriculture and trials of strip planting of corn and soybeans. We will carry out projects to develop high-standard farmland, divert water from the Zhaowang River, and purify the water quality of constructed wetlands in the Big Caohe and Small Caohe river basins, and actively develop “Wentian Grain” demonstration areas for rural revitalization.Second, we will focus on project construction.Actively docking the compressed air energy storage power station project of CNPC Digital Technology Group, continuously promoting the construction progress of qingfeng Road Bridge component Project phase II and Jiacheng Fiber Project phase II, and realizing the first quarter production;Devoting all the power of the town to actively docking letter hair Rui Heng Zhongtai salt production project, and strive to restart this year;In 2022, we will strive to achieve 32 million yuan in annual general public budget revenue, an increase of 14 percent.Third, we need to think firmly about the bottom line.Work safety must be tightened at all times and the responsibility system of work safety target management must be firmly implemented.We will unswervingly follow the path of giving priority to ecology and green development, and resolutely win the three battles to protect our blue sky, clear water and clean land.We will focus on key groups, sectors, sectors and links to ensure regular epidemic prevention and control.We will continue to carry out practical activities with the theme of “Doing practical things for the people” and strengthen the protection of vulnerable groups.Continue to pay attention to “consultation for the people” and “credit system construction”, these two work as an effective start to stimulate the vitality of the village.Mazhuang town will take the attitude of “climbing high and looking far, striving to be the first, only the flag is to seize”, and contribute to the construction of a new situation of “dynamic Daiyue, beautiful and strong district”.