“Tianjin Power” behind the “Ice Ribbon” Arc

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The pavilion is shaped like the Temple of Heaven. The curved glass curtain wall extends along the height of the saddle-shaped roof, surrounded by 22 glittering and translucent silk ribbons, hence the name “ice Ribbon”.When the nightscape lighting system is switched on, multicolored light streams across the glass walls of the venue, like a speed skater hurtling across the ice.As the only new venue for ice events, in a few days it will be home to the world’s top athletes and the most gold MEDALS ever produced by a single venue.Behind the perfect arc of “ice ribbon”, the “Tianjin power” of scientific and technological innovation is condensed.Into the production workshop of Tianjin Beibo Glass Industry Technology Co., LTD., where “ice ribbon” glass is produced, Vice General manager Yang Yuanxi introduced to the new financial reporter one by one the toughening production line, sandwich production line, hollow production line, homogenizing furnace…Oversized glass sheets are kept in order by modern processing equipment.In general, flat glass is used in architecture, but in order to achieve the dynamic effect of “ice ribbon”, the National Speed Skating Hall needs to use curved glass with a very small radius, which is a great technological challenge.In order to ensure safety, the two layers of bending glass are required to be laminated. At the same time, in order to highlight the effect of ice flowers, the outer glass is also adopted the silk screen printing process, which is especially crystal clear at night with the cooperation of lights.”It’s really hard to this process, regular curved tempered glass radius in 1 m or so, to solve the ‘ice ribbon abnormity of small radius curved glass steel, independently designed a set of exclusive toughened equipment company, and cooperate with the design unit test limit bending radius under different process requirement, to conquer the 175 mm small radius curved colored glaze sandwich semi-tempered glass technical problem.”Tianjin North glass industry technology Co., Ltd. technology minister Gao Pan told the new financial reporter.”Because the national Speed Skating Hall is not a regular oval shape, each piece of glass has a different curve.To achieve the ribbon effect, each piece of glass is assigned a unique number based on the design from the beginning of production to the final product.”In early September 2019, 60 days after placing the order, Tianjin North Glass successfully completed the glass supply for the National Speed Skating Stadium of the Winter Olympic Games.At this point, after the “Bird’s Nest”, “water Cube”, the Olympic “three major” are using north glass.”Our technology is internationally leading, which is also inseparable from our company’s focus on r&d investment over the years.The company will spend more than 30 million yuan on R&D this year.”In addition to the “three major items” for the Olympics, Tianjin North Glass has also supplied glass to more than 100 Apple stores around the world, Yang said.Landmarks around the world, such as Beijing Daxing Airport, Tianjin Juilliard School, Shanghai Library, Steve Jobs Theater, 2050 M Street in Washington, Denver Museum welcome Center in the United States, Manchester City Hall in the United Kingdom, have left their mark on Tianjin North Glass.In May 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China announced the list of state-level specialized new “Little Giant” enterprises (the first batch of the first year), among which Tianjin North Glass was listed.This is the second national award for Tianjin North Glass after it was evaluated as “Tianjin Specialized New Little Giant Enterprise” in 2020.(Source: New Financial Media)