Li Xiaoyun: Zhangjiakou, snow falls in the roots of years

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Zhangjiakou, snow falls in the Roots of the years By Li Xiaoyun Zhangjiakou is a strong wind, snow, I have experienced more than 20 years ago.As a college student, I was homesick. I was standing in the tuyere at the end of the bridge like an arty man, with my back to the wild and green ridge in the north, looking at the white and frozen river. My long hair was swept by the northwest wind, and my thick cotton-padded coat was so weak and helpless.The snow covered every roof of the city, like a northern Folk song containing the character of Jian ‘an.Is the end of the year, think of teaching writing professor Jiang’s poem: “give up the old lingering…”I beat the congealled snow all the way, ran back to the fifth Road that room 401 left on the upper bunk, unfolded the paper, quickly wrote an essay “The End of the Year Complex”.”Year, in the snow to a hard carriage return…”On the eve of the winter holiday, The China Youth Daily newspaper sent me the paper with more than 40 yuan of payment. I immediately bought two bottles of wine for my father and went home for the Spring Festival.At the end of the year, the snow in Zhangjiakou city, glittering and translucent, I have a small dream.When I graduated from university, some people joined the TV station, while others joined the newspaper. I didn’t want to add financial burden to my family, so I went back to my hometown to teach. It would snow two or three times in winter in my hometown, but it didn’t seem to be fierce or wanton.I often think of the vast and continuous whiteness of Zhangshi in the wind and snow at the end of the year — the silent whiteness of the brick wall of Dajingmen, the dense white of the lights of Jianguo Road, the flowing whiteness of the railway station…White to the bone, white transparent, white grand.Six years ago, I took my students to zhangshi TV station to participate in the knowledge contest final.Sleepless in the middle of the night, dressed to walk in the street, the wind, the snow, the long-lost feeling……Four years ago, in order to meet the Winter Olympic Games, the city held a “city recitation speech contest”, I took students to participate in the final, is the snow, is the end of the year, the bus through more than half of the city, this is my Zhangjiakou?The Bridges full of sense of design are xieyi paintings, and the colorful neon beams speak of prosperity and fashion. The buildings soaring into the sky are so elegant between heaven and earth…Has Zhang changed, or has my aesthetic changed?A few days ago, I went to Zhangshi again. This time, when the clouds and snow were lifting, several college students gathered together. One of them was from Chongli, who said that since the Winter Olympics were about to open, they were all closed.When we university is in chongli Gao jia ying practice, Chongli county city has also been to, that county is an east and west road on both sides of the north and south built some jagged buildings, and then on both sides is the mountain.Watching a lot of winter Olympics promotional videos, Chongli district has become beautiful, sophisticated avant-garde.The Winter Olympics have changed Chongli and Zhang Jiakou.After drinking a little wine and recalling the past and sighing the present, we drove shopping and saw the strange buildings on the Wuyi Road, which made us sad for the campus that had disappeared. Even if we went to Hebei North College to find it, it was also people who were not things, people who were not things, and we felt that time was like water, time was like smoke, and the world changed, as if it had been a lifetime.That night, through the gap of the hotel curtain, looking at thousands of lights, or brilliant, or dim, and “with our enthusiasm, lit the Winter Olympics” winter Olympics placards, I could not help thinking delay.The sky overcast, the wind rose again, blowing snow.Recall oneself half life to explore, to the world and human nature, just the beginning of understanding.Looking back always bleak place, where can do a rush rain any life?But love is like flowing water, love is like peach blossom, with my floating life, cross you a dream.However, the biting wind and snow in the north, but always can make the faint heart become clear, these years, I seriously teach people, hard reading and writing, although life always have unpleasant things, but I have been willing to sacrifice the poetry of life and simple.Zhangjiakou, a place where different ethnic cultures have been assembled since ancient times, may just be a passenger just like that, when Dadah’s horseshoe kiss is just like that just faded away from tongtai Bridge, will it be ready to embrace the post-Winter Olympics era?Here presents the most beautiful Chinese snow ruyi, burning the most gorgeous snow and ice fire, planting longing and story.This city has gone through thousands of sails, and has been deeply introverted, with both enthusiasm and calmness.Years have roots, always in the old and new alternate occasion, buried deep snow, through a spiritual blood, nourishing the children of zhang Yuan earth.Believe that we stand tall in the wind, calm and firm in the blizzard.Year after year, it is the unyielding courage and persistence, but also the soul of Zhangyuan people.No matter where I go, I can not forget the zhangjiakou city snow bridge on the fixed youth, that cold night peddling baked sweet potato simple and honest, and the streets in the thick can not change the flavor of the New Year……Now, he also has a big sign “together towards the future”, yes, together towards the future.Psychological consultant.Member of Chinese Prose Society, member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Zhangjiakou Writers Association, director of Zhangjiakou Poetry Association, director of “Young writers” magazine.Qidian Chinese serialized the saga of ancient Rain Sword.His works won the third “Tanabata Cup” love award in China.