A good joint venture car can be bought for 80,000 yuan, and the 2022 Toyota Vios is a good choice

2022-06-20 0 By

With the development of society and the progress of human beings, cars have become a very common means of transportation, but the competitive market is becoming increasingly fierce. Geely, Chery, Great Wall, Changan, SAIC-GM and other brands are not inferior to joint venture brands in terms of reputation.However, there is a joint venture car of 80,000 yuan level that still enjoys high popularity after successive modifications, that is, Toyota Vios. The 2022 1.5L CVT Encia CARE version, as the model after the modifications, has further consolidated vios’ position in Toyota.And the official guide price is only 89,800 yuan.After the model is changed, Weich can choose red mica, super white, silver metal color, pearl white, biotite five kinds of body color.The bright colors of super white and red mica are full of youthful energy.The overall style of the new car is simple design, the front face with black decorative belt connected to both sides of the headlights, the air inlet size is large, the net with black painting, both sides of the air inlet size is wide, so that the vehicle looks very three-dimensional.The body uses three-dimensional waist line, the window edge uses black trim shape decoration, and the first two black accessories echo.The new car is upgraded in the configuration in place, adding the front and rear parking radar, air purifier, negative ion generator, 9 inch touch LCD screen and other hardware luxury.The controllable multimedia system, controllable telephone, Baidu CarLife and original interconnection/mapping software have been upgraded in place.The decor is simple and the seats are comfortable.However, the overall interior is relatively common, there is no bright spot in the central control, plastic materials are used much, the overall interior is relatively cheap, but it can also live up to the price.Power-on, 1.5-L 112-hp L4 naturally aspirated engine with 8-speed continuously variable transmission.This dynamic combination is perfect for beginners and women.In addition, the fuel consumption of this new car is also relatively low, 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.8.Is the leader of the same price model, suitable for household and white-collar workers to commute.Finally, the steamed stuffed bun summed up, Toyota Vios overall failure rate is low, durable, very fuel-efficient, fuel price ratio is high, as a transport tool cost-effective super high, low price, late maintenance cost is small.Do you think the steamed stuffed bun is right?