The LATEST NBA rankings!The SUNS lead the heat, the four eastern conference teams are fighting for the top spot, and the Lakers are out of the playoffs

2022-06-19 0 By

Seven games in one day makes a big difference in the NBA.The Sixers lost 114-104 to the SUNS thanks to harden’s consistent clutch game.The Celtics beat the Timberwolves 134-112 on the strength of tatum and Jaylen Brown.Inside, the losing Sixers missed out on the top spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Celtics clinched it.In the West, the Jazz and Mavericks locked up a standings battle that ended with a big win for the Mavericks.The Lakers hit a dismal milestone on James’ record night, with the Pelicans clinging to ninth place in the West and the lakers falling to a precarious 10th.The scramble for the top four spots in the Eastern Conference remains elusive.The Celtics and Heat are 47-28, with the green jackets in first place.The Bucks and sixers are third and fourth, both with a 46-28 record.The Bulls, Raptors and Cavs were ranked fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively, with each team leading by one game.The Heat, who have lost four games in a row, could fall out of the top four and be replaced by the Bulls because of locker room problems.The Cavs are likely to fall into the play-offs in seventh place because of Allen’s injury.While the Nets, despite the success of duo combination, are too far behind the raptors in sixth place, so doomed to struggle in the play-offs, but a playoff spot, should be secure.The hornets and hawks are likely to be eliminated in the play-offs and end the season.The top three in the Western Conference are unlikely to change much, with the Phoenix SUNS riding the dust, the Grizzlies firmly in second place, the Warriors in third, and the Mavericks, Jazz and Nuggets battling it out for fourth place.The seventh place timberwolves position is also more solid.The Clippers, Pelicans, Lakers and Spurs will battle for a playoff spot and the final spot in the playoffs.The focus in the west is undoubtedly the play-off spot race.One of the Pelicans, lakers and Spurs will be kicked out of the play-offs.But the three teams have a devil of a schedule in the last few games, and any of them could be kicked out of the play-offs.Including the Los Angeles Lakers.