I miss the black dog in my childhood

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In my childhood, I had a black dog at home. His fur was pure black. He was in good spirits.During the day the neighbors came to my house to play, know is an acquaintance, do not sound, at night ears special clever, as long as there is a little wind and grass, “wang Wang” shout, I think there are thieves, also scared by the dog’s roar, dare not close to my yard.At that time, the family had little cash, but only a little food.At that time the countryside seemed to be relatively poor.Our childhood sisters like to go to grandma’s house to play, a few days to live.As soon as we got home, the black dog seemed to sense our breath from a long way away and came to meet us, jumping high and making a happy sound in his throat, to welcome us home.Dogs are very loyal animals. They eat three meals a day in our house. They don’t come into the main room, but lie in the eaves or pigsty.When we pour the leftovers into the dog bowl and call him, he comes and eats them happily.If there was a meat bone, black dog jumped up and down, very happy and grateful.Now come to think of it, my black dog is a cultured small animal!Occasionally, when there are guests in the house and he is too busy to give him food to eat, he will make impatient, anxious, repressed protests.We immediately get it some delicious, see the food, tears into a smile, not angry, happy to bounce a few times, wagging tail.Childhood spring and summer turn, our family in the field seedling planting, many times, a look up to find black dog sitting straight on the ridge, happy and peaceful looking at us, make us laugh, really is our small tail, where the master, it is also where.It feels safe and secure following its owner.Black dogs accompany us for many years, every winter, my mother is a little worried, at that time there will be people fighting wild dogs in the countryside, many clearly are domestic dogs, if it is fun or accidentally ran to other villages or out of the sight of the owner, appear in the wild, will become the target of fighting wild dog people.In the Central Plains, where winter is still cold, dog meat is a warm food and will be the main ingredient of hot pot.So when dog meat sells well, it’s a threat to the lives of those domestic dogs running around at night.The walls of my yard were low, and if the black dog wanted to get out, he could jump and land on the ground outside the gate.Once from the first night, to the next morning black dog did not come back, mother anxiously to the end of the village to find, loudly called, still no sign.Towards noon the next day, when black dog came back, we were relieved to find him wet and shivering with cold.Perhaps he had dug into the crops and been wet by dew on the plants.Mother will roar it a few words: “Again run dead, we can not care!”Pour hot porridge into the dog’s bowl, and let the black dog eat something hot to warm up.Black Dog wolfed down the meal, lowered his head, as if he knew he had made a mistake, and lay down with his tail between his legs on the straw, which was thick and warm.Slowly the black dog’s curled body warmed up and soon fell asleep.Unfortunately, when I was in the fifth grade, once black dog didn’t come home for several days. The whole family searched and waited and cried for a few days.Black dog is completely gone from our house.We were sad for a few days. It must have been bad luck, for black dog’s health was good and normal. Something must have happened.Black dog from a small paparazzi, was taken to my home, to the disappearance of time, fully seven or eight years.During this period, it silently protects our family’s safety, but also brings us a lot of happiness.Since then, our family has not had a dog.