The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) releases major economic data for January-February: Economic recovery is better than expected

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This article was transferred from: Huanqiu Online;The National Bureau of Statistics released the performance of the national economy in January and February this year at a press conference held by the State Information Office this morning.Statistics show that the national economy continues to recover steadily, production demand grows rapidly, employment and prices are generally stable.Industrial production accelerated. In the first two months of this year, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 7.5% year-on-year, and the high-tech and equipment manufacturing industries enjoyed good growth.In terms of the service sector, the national service sector production index increased by 4.2% year-on-year in January-February, 1.2 percentage points faster than in December 2021.The service sector continued to recover, with modern service industries growing rapidly.From the consumption point of view, market sales picked up, consumption upgrading goods sales active.From January to February, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 7,442.6 billion yuan, up 6.7% year-on-year, 5.0 percentage points faster than in December 2021.In terms of investment, China’s fixed asset investment in the first two months of this year reached 5.0763 trillion yuan, up 12.2 percent year-on-year and 7.3 percentage points higher than 2021. Investment in high-tech industries grew rapidly.In terms of foreign trade, the import and export of goods increased rapidly, and the trade structure continued to improve. From January to February, the total import and export of goods reached 6.204.4 trillion yuan, up 13.3% year on year.In terms of employment, 1.63 million new urban jobs were created between January and February.In February, the surveyed urban unemployment rate was 5.5%, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month and the same as the same period last year. The overall employment situation was stable and the surveyed unemployment rate was basically stable.Fu Linghui, Spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics and Director of the General Statistics Department of the National Economy: The Chinese economy has shown real warming. Thanks to the concerted efforts of macro policies and market players, China’s economy recovered in January and February, laying a solid foundation for a good start in the first quarter of this year.Sporadic outbreaks of COVID-19 have emerged in many places and the situation is grim, but with effective measures to stop the spread of the epidemic, the impact on the economy will be gradually controlled, a spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics said at a press conference.Fu Linghui, spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the epidemic situation in some regions has become more severe recently, which will objectively affect local economic recovery.But at the national level, the epidemic prevention and control situation is generally stable, and the economy is basically stable.Judging from the overall experience and situation of epidemic prevention and control in the past two years, China has accumulated rich experience and adopted a series of measures that can effectively block the spread of the epidemic and gradually bring its impact on the economy under control.Fu linghui also said that the impact of the epidemic on the economy in the next stage needs to be observed because there are still some uncertainties.Fu Linghui, spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics, said: the Chinese economy is resilient, has great potential and has great space. There are many favorable conditions for maintaining steady development.Going forward, xi called for the implementation of the central government’s plans for this year’s Government Work Report, and continued to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development in a scientific way to promote stable and healthy economic operation.