Announcement of interview for 2022 National Audit Office

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In accordance with the Civil Service Law and relevant regulations on civil Service recruitment, the following is hereby notified concerning the interview for civil service recruitment for the 2022 National Audit Office Examination:Second, interview qualification (a) please enter the agency authority position interview candidates on February 8, 2022 (including on the same day, the same below) login to enter oneself for an examination of audit personnel information registration system at to confirm the interview to the interview stage.Candidates who give up the interview should submit the Statement of Abandoning the Civil Servant Interview (see Attachment 2 for the style), sign their names and paste a copy of their ID cards, and upload scanned copies or electronic photos through the registration system of applicants of the National Audit Office before February 8, 2022.Candidates who give up are no longer eligible for interview.Candidates who fail to confirm after the deadline will be deemed to have given up and will not enter the interview process.Candidates who have been interviewed for the position of Commissioner Office should confirm their participation in the interview by email before February 11, 2022. The requirements are as follows: 1.Send email to the mailbox of the applicant (see attachment 3 for details).2.
The subject of the email should be written as: XXX confirm to attend XXX(recruiting unit)XXX job interview + the last four digits of id card (please refer to Attachment 4 for email style).If there is any change in the mailing address and contact information, please indicate it in the email.3.
Candidates who give up the interview should present the Statement of Abandoning the Civil Servant Interview (see Attachment 2 for the style), sign and paste the copy of id card, and send the scanned copy or electronic photo to the mailbox of the applicant by Email before February 8, 2022, and mail the original copy to the applicant.Candidates who give up are no longer eligible for interview.4. Those who fail to confirm after the deadline will be regarded as giving up automatically and will not enter the interview process.Candidates are requested to send the following materials by EMS to the applicant for qualification review before February 8, 2022 (the date of mailing the postmark is subject to).Please mark “Interview materials for civil servants of XXX position of National Audit Office” or “Interview materials for civil servants of XX Special Office of National Audit Office” on the envelope when mailing.The materials sent will not be returned, please make a backup, please see attachment 3 for the mailing address.(1) a copy of his/her ID card.Copy of student id card or employee ID card.A copy of the admission ticket for the written test of the public subject.(4) test registration form (the starting project site to download), stick good photos (must provide pictures when enter oneself for an examination), truthfully, fill in the personal learning and work experience (time must be continuous, and indicate whether each learning stage on-the-job learning, what kind of degree and degree), is not filled in according to the requirements, as information is not complete.(5) Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, degree certificates (fresh graduates may not provide the certificates to be obtained temporarily), foreign language certificates and other relevant materials required by the position.(6) The basic level work experience required by the application for the post.Candidates with working experience in party and government organs or public institutions should provide the basic work experience materials issued by the organization and personnel department of the unit, and indicate the starting and ending time and working place.Candidates with experience in state-owned enterprises, other economic organizations and social organizations should provide copies of relevant labor contracts and social security payment records issued by social security administration agencies.1. Fresh graduates: provide the registration recommendation form (download from the exam special website, the form must indicate the training method, such as school holidays and other reasons can not be stamped employment recommendation form).2. For those who have returned from overseas study, copies of their diplomas should be provided.3. “College Student village official” project personnel: provide copies of the materials issued by the personnel department at or above the county level that have completed the service period and passed the examination.4.
For project personnel of “Special Post Plan for Teachers in Rural Compulsory Education stage” : copies of “Special Post Teacher certificate” and appraisal form of “Special Post Plan for Teachers in Rural Compulsory Education Stage” made uniformly by provincial education department and supervised by Ministry of Education shall be provided.5. Project personnel of the “Three Support and One Support” Program: Provide copies of the “Three Support and One Support” service certificate for college graduates issued by the provincial “Three Support and One Support” coordination and Management Office.6. Project staff of “College Students Volunteer Service in western China” : Provide photocopies of service certificate and identification form of College Students Volunteer Service in western China made by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.7. If the candidate is a freelancer, unemployed or other person, please attach a separate page detailing the detailed experience of the last full-time study and employment up to now.The interview will be conducted on site with video interview.(I) Interview location.Candidates should attend the on-site interview at the registered institution in principle (see Appendix 3 for details of each test center).Candidates who are unable to attend the on-site interview due to the impact of the epidemic prevention and control should attend the online video interview simultaneously at the nearest test center after consultation between the applicant and the applicant.(2) Interview time.The interview will be held on Sunday, February 27th.The interview will start at 8:30 a.m. Candidates are requested to sign in at the registered office from 7:10 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. on February 27th (candidates for the registered office will enter through the north gate of the Audit Office). After admission, the office will be closed for management.Candidates who do not enter the waiting room by 7:40 will be disqualified.(3) Interview format.Candidates take professional tests and interviews in turn, and score separately.The professional test takes the form of interview and mainly inspects the professional quality of candidates to carry out audit work.The interview method is structured interview, mainly inspects the examinee’s comprehensive quality.(4) Relevant matters.Candidates attending the interview must bring their id card, original certificate materials (items 1 and 5 required by the qualification review) and a recent bareheaded 2-inch color photo on the day of the interview.2. After entering the waiting room, candidates are required to turn off mobile phones, computers, ipads, earphones, bracelets and other electronic devices with communication functions, and give them to the staff for unified storage. They can be retrieved after the interview.3. Candidates for each interview position will be selected by random drawing, and will be guided by the staff to the designated examination room for interview.Candidates who have not finished the interview at noon will have a rest and lunch in the waiting room.4. Candidates are not allowed to enter the waiting room again after the interview. Personal belongings should be delivered to them by the waiting room staff, and candidates should leave the room accompanied by the staff.5. Arrangement of Physical Examination (I) Calculation method of comprehensive score.Comprehensive score = written test score ÷2×50%+ interview score ×40%+ professional test score ×10%.(2) Determination of candidates for physical examination.If the ratio of the number of interviewees to the number of recruitment plans reaches 3:1 or more, the candidates for physical examination will be determined according to their comprehensive scores from the highest to the lowest after the interview.If the ratio is less than 3:1, the examinee’s interview score should reach the average score of all the examiners in his/her interview team who use the same exam book to interview, then he/she can enter the physical examination.The ratio of physical examination to interview position is 1:1.(iii) Time of physical examination.The physical examination will take place on February 28th (Monday). All candidates who have entered the physical examination will meet at each test center in the morning of February 28th (the specific time will be notified by each test center).Candidates who fail to arrive at the meeting place on time will be disqualified for physical examination.Six, inspection arrangement interview position implementation equal amount inspection.The investigation was carried out by means of individual conversation, field visit, strict examination of personnel files, inquiry of social credit records, and interview with the person.According to the examination results, physical examination results and investigation, the candidates to be hired shall be selected based on the principle of suitability between the candidates and the posts, not only the sub-candidates.(I) Candidates for the interview should strictly comply with the local epidemic prevention and control policies and requirements of the transportation department and the test site, and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.From now until the examination, please maintain good hygiene habits. Do not go out, go abroad or participate in gathering activities unless necessary.If there is any change of information, please contact the applicant in time.Arrange test travel, accommodation and accommodation in advance to ensure that the test will be on time.(2) Candidates are required to provide healthbao green code and big data travel card green code when reporting to the test center (subject to the local epidemic prevention and control requirements of the test center).Candidates who participate in the on-site interview should also provide nucleic acid test negative proof within 72 hours.Candidates should bring their own masks, check their temperature as required, and sign a health commitment letter. Candidates who do not truthfully report their personal conditions will be disqualified for employment.Candidates with suspicious symptoms or abnormal conditions confirmed by on-site health and epidemic prevention professionals will be arranged.(III) The interview shall be uniformly organized by the Audit Office, and there is no designated review material.(IV) If the epidemic situation and requirements change, we will adjust the interview time and inform you in a timely manner. Please keep communication unimpeded.(V) Candidates are welcome to attend the interview for civil servants of our office and supervise our work. Please understand and support any inconvenience caused by the normalized requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Click download >>>2. Statement of abandonment of interview qualification (style). Doc3.Announcement of the Recruitment of civil Servants in the 2022 Annual examination of the National Audit Office