Tomato-shrimp mushroom soup, nourishing the stomach calcium good health, the old and the young are suitable, simple, good to drink not fat

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Tomato shrimp fungus mushroom soup, nourishing the stomach filling calcium the body good, for young and old, would be a simple, good drink not fat today this tomato shrimp fungus mushroom soup is very suitable for home is long body or elderly people to learn to make, use tomato, shrimps, mushrooms, white mushroom is the function of calcium ingredient of winter outdoor air temperature is too low,Go home a trip against the cold wind will need to drink a hot soup to warm a warm, you can try to do at home a tomato shrimp fungus mushroom soup, soup with tomato taste sour and sweet, and shrimp delicious very nice, and I prefer the taste of tomatoes with cilantro, and I have the same preference of friends can add parsley after out of the pot.This tomato shrimps with the white mushroom fungus mushroom soup, the germ mushroom in addition to being able to complement amino acids and vitamins, improve the metabolism and reduce cholesterol, also can have the effect of analgesia and sedation, and often eat white mushroom also can have the effect of phlegm cough, white mushroom also can prevent constipation, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.Learn this tomato-shrimp mushroom soup and serve it to your children and elders tonight!: tomato shrimp fungus mushroom soup: three hundred g fresh shrimps, mushrooms, one hundred g, two hundred g tomatoes, one hundred g white mushroom, eight grams, five grams of rice wine, ginger 3 grams, five grams, pepper a spoonful of salt, chopped green onion, boiling water two bowls of: 1, will remove the skin of the tomato diced tomatoes, mushrooms and clean white mushroom, mushroom slices, white jade cut mushrooms into segments and prepared scallions;2, the shrimp head, shrimp tail, shrimp shell and shrimp line are clean, with cooking wine, pepper, ginger pickled for a period of time;3. When pickled shrimps, put a pot of boiling water into the boiling water and blanch the mushrooms. Remove the mushrooms and put them in cold water for later use.4. Cut some ginger and add two tablespoons of oil to the wok. When the oil is hot, put the tomatoes and ginger into the wok and stir-fry until the juice of the tomatoes is released.5. Put white jade mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms into a wok and stir-fry them for half a minute.6. Pour two bowls of boiling water into a wok.Then pour the marinated shrimps into a wok and cook for about three minutes over medium heat.Add a teaspoon of light soy sauce, half a teaspoon of salt and stir well;9. When all the sauces and ingredients are cooked, add a spoonful of chopped green onion to finish the calcium-fortified tomato and shrimp mushroom soup.1. Shrimps can not be stewed directly in the pot. It is easy to make the soup and other ingredients in the pot smell fishy, so first pickle them with cooking wine, pepper powder and ginger slices to remove the fishy smell.2. For the convenience of eating, I removed the head of the shrimp at the beginning of processing the shrimp. You can not remove the head of the shrimp when making it, so that the tomato, shrimp, mushroom and mushroom soup will be more beautiful;3. During the stew, there may be some foam due to the shrimp in the pot, so in order to make the product beautiful, remember to observe the situation of the pot, if there is foam, you should skim the foam;4, I prefer the taste of shrimp, so occasionally do not add light soy sauce just add a little salt, add light soy sauce can improve fresh oh!