A Chinese Odyssey 2 free edition: some common sense in the game

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Knowing a few things about games can make our games more efficient.There are a lot of ways to contribute to the division, but many people may ignore the changan ragpicker recovery sapphire, emerald price is very high, lack of tribute players go to find ragpicker look, but remember ragpicker only binding stone.Buy a number of players is important to note that you can see GeZi properties are not necessarily fighting, many sellers sell number of attributes, men and women who cut the bone, the fairy tribe cut all spirituality, it will enhance the panel many properties such as strength and amplify damage spells, for, because of the realization method of a magic weapon to increase properties will be affected by a add some characters,So we should pay attention to look at the number, or buy the number may not reach the desired effect.Character of damage to the role of a large system, equipment, refining, attunements properties, suits, suit washs practice, agreemenet, realization method, a magic weapon, stat, chart, and spirit of arteries and veins, law attribute, children in many aspects, such as to have a balanced build, preliminary build a penny a points to ascend, ultimate value may be a late yuan even ten dollars for a minute,Only balanced construction can get twice the result with half the effort.As for children, ordinary players can cultivate their own race of advanced ending children, save time and effort, strengthen talent is very easy to full level.But high-end players must play god ending children, not just for high evaluation, because children weapon god skill – loud sound only god ending children can carry.Holiday must go to the lucky star award, because many holiday lucky stars will give small candy, to know that the game to buy a small candy to 250 tongbao.Want to save money to cultivate equipment, ladder contest, cross service than fight, race contest and other battle tasks to participate in more, exchange eight wild really good, evil king grottoes chance value for topstone cost-effective is also very good, capable players with apprentices, master and apprentice points can also be rewarded.Usually 5 open players or players with a fixed team must go to the fishing village to become sworn friends, sworn skills hand-foot concentric and righteousness knot Jinlan is very useful, hand-foot concentric: sworn friends are malicious PK death, immediately get 5 minutes to kill the coordinate tracking, righteousness knot Jinlan:Passive trigger for character action in battle, which increases resistance and damage for 3 rounds. The effect is related to the friendship value of the team. It should be noted that a battle can only trigger once.Players often get forbidden topaz during activities. If the equipment is full, you can add topaz to level 1. There is a certain demand for level 1 accessories with 2 topaz.In a similar way, the jade treasure box can be replaced by pangu refined iron and made into a high outfit. If you go to Lao Jun Dan room to solve the trigrams, you may be able to win 20 million DHB.Jade treasure box is a treasure box, which is really a lot of things to exchange, teacher tribute, baby experience, intimate Dan everything, but many people have ignored it.It is necessary to join the neighborhood, flower harvesting rewards, neighborhood small demon experience.Set brush is not uniform, useless set decomposition exchange good luck wind bell, you can get a few more jade fu, tuhao directional point and set reccasting is more violent, useless jade fu decomposition exchange teacher tribute, and then use teacher tribute to the owner for the baby intimate and Dan experience is also very good.Suit replacement function, you can keep the best suit you want when replacing jade symbol, this operation is not quite clear to many novices.Unneeded set jade charm can be decomposed, collection and above quality can get chance value, collection 350, priceless 1500, handed down 4200,1000 chance value can be exchanged for a chance magic, 3000 chance value for a topaz.Demon king token can be exchanged for chance treasure box, chance treasure box open once give up, no cost, open more you will find that the reward is really good.Monthly premium gift package is necessary to open, give tongbao and colorful jade can be redeemed, and every day you can get experience bonus, teacher tribute and some tasks bonus, during the Spring Festival is half price discount.Every month 1 evening 7:30, seven colorful beads activity is really good, a seven colorful beads value of 20-30 million DHB, and the task is very simple, but can grab is one thing, kill to be ready to be robbed, if you don’t want to be robbed, kill immediately off the line to leave.