210000 square!Langfang “Jinmao Lanxiu City Commercial Complex” started

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Langfang Lanxiu City Commercial Complex project is designed and designed by LWK + PARTNERS. The project aims to build a new-generation experiential leisure shopping center integrating “culture + experience + future” in Langfang. Based on the innovative design of urban planning pattern, the complex design conditions are sorted out to break through the traditional commercial dynamic lines and combine the development demands of the owners.The innovative design compound “1+” moving line is a new commercial landmark created by Jinmao Group in Langfang.Xiucheng Commercial Complex in Langfang will take the entertainment format as the highlight and the whole format as the basis, planning a variety of formats such as indoor themed entertainment space, quality retail, full-category catering, interactive parent-child time and multi-functional life service, which will bring a new concept of life consumption to the citizens.Langfang Lanxiu City Commercial complex project is located in the southeast corner of the core business district of Longhe High-tech Zone, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan. It plans to cover an area of about 84 mu with a construction area of 210,000 square meters. The project will improve the comprehensive bearing capacity and service capacity of Langfang South City, and bring a new concept of life and consumption to the residents of Langfang.With the entertainment format as the highlight and the whole format as the basis, there are planned indoor themed entertainment space, quality entertainment content, whole category catering options, interactive parent-child time, multi-functional life services and other related formats.After the completion of the project, the annual turnover is expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan, the annual tax will exceed 50 million yuan, and the annual GDP will exceed 1 billion yuan.On February 17th, langfang “project construction GongJianNian” and middle area county in the first quarter of 2022 key projects focus on construction activities in the high-tech zone at the show city commercial complexes and urban living room held the site of the project, for the New Year of the construction of the project “assembly”, bring about a new round of investment and project, promoting development boom.In June 2021, China Jinmao entered into strategic cooperation with Hongtai Development and became the second largest shareholder of Hongtai Development, opening a new journey of in-depth integration between urban operators and service providers in the park.In December, the city’s economic work conference clearly proposed that the development idea of “expanding west and expanding south” should be centered on longhe High-tech Zone to build the area into the “new urban center of Langfang” and promote the development of the main city into the “Longhe era”.The successful commencement of The Commercial complex of Yanxiu City and its supporting urban living room project marks the full opening of the development of “Longhe Era”.After the completion of the project, it will fully link with the surrounding Pullman Hotel, commercial Street and Longhe Central Park and other supporting facilities, effectively improve the commercial service capacity of Longhe High-tech Zone, change the existing commercial pattern of the city, not only will become a new commercial landmark of Langfang, but also fully activate the urban flow of people, significantly enhance the regional value.