Chinese curling has lost two games in a row!Canada won their third straight game after losing 6-8 to the defending champions

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Beijing time on February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics are underway.China’s Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu scored a season-high 74.66 points in the rhythmic dance of the team figure skating competition, ranking fifth.Jin Boyang of China ranked sixth with 82.87 points in the men’s team single short program.Currently, China ranks fifth overall.Next, curling mixed doubles continues.China took on defending champion and Olympic champion Canada in Pyeongchang.Earlier in the competition, Chinese players Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat Switzerland, Australia, narrowly lost to Sweden, 2-1 good results, group round ranked second.Today, in the face of the strong Canadian team, the first game, both sides quickly into the state of the opening, The Canadian team kettle, making the Chinese team’s last ball is more difficult, and finally The Chinese team backhand got 1 point.Fan Su yuan and Ling Zhi two people score 1-0 defending champion Canada team players.In the second game, Canada scored from behind and gained 2 points, defeating China 2-1.In the third set, Chinese player Ling Zhi made a mistake and the Chinese team missed the opportunity ball and did not occupy a favorable position at the base camp.Unable to find the right attacking position at the end of the inning, Canada scored two more points for a 4-1 lead.In the fourth set, the defending champion Canada began to make a series of mistakes, and China’s Ling Zhi seized the opportunity to follow up the victory with two consecutive powerful passes to simplify the situation.In the end, the Chinese player got two points from behind to make it 3-4.At the end of the first half, The Chinese team was down 3 to 4.In the fifth set, both sides played very cautiously and conservantly. The Canadian player, after all, experienced and steady, scored two points again, leading 6:3.The sixth game, both sides of the competition is very fierce, both sides played a wonderful double fly, finally, the Chinese players seize the opportunity, the back hand score, chasing 4:6.In the seventh, China made another error on its last pitch, giving Canada two runs and an 8-4 lead.Ling Zhi Fan Suyuan of China recovered two points in the eighth game, and defending champion Canada beat China 8-6 on aggregate to win the group stage for the third time in a row. China’s curling mixed doubles team suffered two consecutive losses, and the group is now 2-2.