Jinhua continued to carry out hidden trouble investigation to build a solid production safety defense line

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to further standardize the safety management of gas stations in the jurisdiction, strictly prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents.Recently, The Jinhua police station of The Guanshan Lake Public Security Sub-bureau has carried out the investigation of potential safety hazards at gas stations under its jurisdiction, and built a solid defense line for safe production.During the visit, the police had a detailed understanding of the working conditions of the gas station through on-site inspection, reading the books, asking the staff and so on, and carried out a detailed inspection of the safety prevention system, emergency plan, the guard of key parts and the technical defense situation, and the fire fighting facilities of the gas station.At the same time, the police combined with the actual situation of the work, the person in charge of the gas station and practitioners of the safety education and training, remind the person in charge and practitioners to further improve the ideological understanding, establish the concept of no small matter, always tight safety string.After the inspection, Jinhua police station also organized gas station staff to carry out fire emergency drill, further strengthen the emergency disposal ability of gas station staff and the use of fire extinguishers steps, improve the safety awareness of gas station staff.Through this inspection, the safety management level of key units has been further improved, the safety awareness of employees has been effectively enhanced, and the safety production level of gas stations has been effectively improved.Issued by: Yang Wen original title: “Jinhua Institute continues to carry out hidden trouble investigation and build solid production safety defense”