As the first company to be suspended in 2022, how will Mailancte spend this year?

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In 2022, the first company to be “suspended” under the registration system is “Flower Fall” Nanjing Maiande Medical Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Maiande”).Kechuang plate municipal party committee on January 26, the on-site meeting, put forward the two sharp problems: one is the real control people with wei si kechuang board listed company medical signed non-compete clause will lead to the issuer for control of unstable, real people, core technical personnel associated with wei si medical signed confidentiality clause will lead to the core technology ownership dispute;The second is to require the company and the sponsor, explain the advancement of the company’s technology and business compliance.What the hell is going on?According to the prospectus, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of pelvic floor and postpartum rehabilitation equipment, which are widely used in obstetrics and gynecology, pelvic floor rehabilitation center, postpartum rehabilitation center and so on in medical institutions.The main business of the company is highly compatible with that of Great Healthcare, and a large number of the company’s dong Jiangao and core technical personnel are from Great Healthcare.Yang Ruijia, Shi Zhihuai, and Chen Bin, Tu Honglin, Zhou Gan and Zhou Qin, the actual controllers of the company, without exception, all have the working background of Wise Medical.The three founders, Ruijia Yang, Zhihuai Shi and Bin Chen, were still working for VX Healthcare when they set up VX Healthcare through proxy in January 2013 — Ruijia Yang was then the marketing manager and product director of VX’s subsidiary, Zhihuai Shi was the r&d director of VX Healthcare and Bin Chen was the supply chain director of VX Healthcare.The three left Wise Healthcare in July, February and May 2013, respectively.Company part of the main members in wei si medical situation photo source: inquiry letter of reply to the market, research and development, supply chain elements is complete, the founder of the three different open entrepreneurial career at the same time, continues from wei medical “call” of his old workmates, including: Yang Ruijia spouse Zhou Qin, until May 2014 or wei, senior medical channel manager;Tu Honglin, Deputy General Manager of The company, was the Channel Director of VX Healthcare, a subsidiary of VX Healthcare, until April 2014.Zhou Gan, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, was a senior structural engineer of Wise Medical until he left in August 2014.In addition, Chen Jiangning, Chief Financial Officer and secretary of the Board of Directors, Wang Wang, Deputy General Manager, and Fan Lu and Chen Jianping, supervisors, all of whom have worked in Wise Healthcare.It can be said that Wise Medical is Mai Lande, exporting more than 90% of Dong Jiangao and core technical personnel.Weiss healthcare, of course, is not willing to give up.From 2015 to 2020, VX healthcare initiated 12 patent ownership and infringement lawsuits, among which vX healthcare won 4 patent ownership disputes. The court ruled that the relevant patents belonged to the duty inventions of Yang Ruijia, Shi Zhihuai, Zhou Gan and others during their tenure at VX Healthcare and should be owned by VX Healthcare.One case was lost and seven cases were withdrawn. According to Maiande, the reasons for the withdrawal included the rejection of the patent application, the wrong patent application number and the reorganization of evidence, which did not involve the settlement between the two parties.As for the non-competition and confidentiality clauses, the lawyer of the issuer argued that the actual controller did not violate the provisions of the agreement as the labor contract, employee confidentiality and non-competition agreement and other clauses signed by the actual controller did not restrict the employees from establishing the company or working in Mailancde.Then the question arises: Is it the most basic practice principle that employees should not invest to set up companies with high business compatibility with their working units during their employment?Is it also necessary to make special provisions in the labor contract?And if the actual controller is really righteous and strong when he sets up Mailancte outside, why should he entrust relatives and friends to hold it for him?How high is the content of scientific innovation?In the three rounds of inquiries that Mai Lande experienced, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee has been constantly asking “whether the issuer meets the relevant requirements of scientific innovation attributes”, whether the technology and products belong to “international or domestic original, leading, pioneering or key core fields, whether there is the risk of being replaced”.Mai Lande’s pelvic floor and postpartum rehabilitation equipment mainly includes biological stimulation feedback instrument, basin training instrument, postpartum recovery instrument, etc., which are mainly used in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and postpartum recovery.Prospectuses show, disease of pelvic floor function obstacle sex is to point to because the reason such as defect, injury, aging causes pelvic floor organization structure to produce pathological change, main expression includes urine incontinence, pelvic cavity organ prolapse, defecate obstacle and sexual function obstacle to wait.Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common disease among women all over the world. The incidence rate of adult women in China is about 20%~40%, and that of elderly women is as high as 40%~60%.And in women’s perinatal period (28 weeks of pregnancy to one week postpartum), the incidence of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and other symptoms is also very high, many female stars such as Xiao S, Zhong Xinling, Ella (Chen Jiahua), Xie Yilin have reported postpartum leakage of urine, “sneeze urine”.At present, for pelvic floor and postpartum rehabilitation, non-surgical treatment methods in addition to Kegel exercise, vaginal dumbbells, etc., the mainstream technology is electrical stimulation and biofeedback technology, which is the technology used by Maiande’s main products.Mai Lande said that it has more than 20 core technologies, the relevant technologies are international advanced or domestic leading level, the company’s products “broke the monopoly of international brand manufacturers on the Chinese market”, products have “strong competitive advantage”, “in the industry leading position”.Shanghai Municipal Party Committee requires the company to provide the analysis basis of “breaking international monopoly”, and in the case of the company said that “there is no authoritative agency to release the overall sales situation of the company’s market segments, can not count the market share of the company’s core products”, the basis for identifying the company in the “leading position in the industry”.Mr Mak’s response was to remove the reference to “breaking international monopolies”.In fact, according to The company’s 2019 prospectus, Weiss developed the pelvic floor emG biofeedback instrument in 2011, vaginal electrode, rectal electrode, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation device and other consumable products from 2011 to 2015, while Maiande was founded in 2013.In the prospectus of Weiss Healthcare, the company’s product market share data of electrostimulation, electrophysiology and magnetic stimulation medical rehabilitation devices were provided by Frost Sullivan.And, in the industry’s cutting-edge technology research, Mai Lancand does not seem to be a leader.At present, electrical stimulation biofeedback technology has been applied to pelvic floor and postpartum rehabilitation for more than 10 years in China, but this method of treatment takes a long time, and the invasive treatment makes it difficult for some patients to adhere to.Since magnetic stimulation is non-invasive and has a better experience, the academia and the industry have begun to explore the possibility of treating pelvic floor dysfunction by “combining magnetism and electricity”.In September 2021, the paper “Observation on the Efficacy of Pelvic floor magnetic stimulation therapy in postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation” published in the core journal of CSCD “Chinese Clinical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology” showed that, compared with the control group using bioelectric feedback therapy alone, the observation group using magnetic stimulation combined with bioelectric feedback therapy had better performance in all indicators.When asked by Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Mai Lande admitted in the reply to the inquiry that there was a gap between the company and competitors in magnetic stimulation coil design, magnetic stimulation high-voltage power supply design and other technologies.In a survey note in September 2021, Weiss Healthcare, one of Meiland’s “competitors”, said its core technologies include magnetically stimulated high-voltage power supply, coil focusing and depth accuracy.From 2018 to the first half of 2021, Mailancde achieved operating revenue of 143 million yuan, 256 million yuan, 337 million yuan and 154 million yuan, and net profit of 55.184 million yuan, 106 million yuan, 122 million yuan and 55.3661 million yuan, respectively.The prospectus was put on hold ahead of the Lunar New Year, and Mai Lancand may not have a good year.Based on past cases, companies that have been suspended from review are usually reinstated within two to three months.Will the New Year bring good luck to Mai Lancte?