V12 800 HP Ferrari SUV is coming this year

2022-06-10 0 By

When the major super luxury and super run brand SUV in the global sales of hot time, Ferrari’s SUV models also finally have the latest news.Ferrari’s Purosangue SUV will hit the market in 2022, according to overseas media reports.According to spy photos taken by foreign media, the new car no longer uses the shell of the Maserati Levante, but uses the final appearance of the production car, so this time the camouflage is more tightly wrapped.But the overall corridor is still visible, with the elongated nacelle resembling the Roma, and Roma’s silhouette visible throughout the front face.The center of gravity on the side of the car is further back, giving it a more ferrari FF feel.There are four exhaust exhausts on both sides of the rear, and the test vehicle also uses large rims and high-performance brakes.Purosangue translates to “thoroughbred” in Italian, and Ferrari seems to be telling the world that even if it’s not an SUV, it’s still a genuine Ferrari.At the same time, Ferrari will define this car as FUV, the full name of Ferrari Utility Vehicle, meaning Ferrari Utility Vehicle.The engine will be lower in the middle and rear of the front axle.In terms of power, the new car is expected to have a V12 engine that delivers 800 horsepower, as well as V8 and V6 hybrids.It is also expected to offer all-wheel drive to increase traction in a variety of road conditions, as well as highly adjustable suspension for improved comfort and practicality.Ferrari Purosangue production car Exposure Ferrari Purosangue rendering exposure next year release please enter less than 17 words of the page title