The hammer confirmed by the ski judge that the small emboli gold medal was hacked and the immature rule missed the gold by 15 minutes

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In the slopestyle snowboard competition, China’s silver medal was stolen, the head of the Olympic committee said in an interview.However, the Chinese delegation and Xiao Supan also had some minor problems, that is, they were not familiar with the rules and missed the golden 15 minutes of appeal time.Su Yiming, a young star born in the 2000s, is just like a child from a legendary family. She was born as a child star and has excellent athletic skills. She made a surprise hit at the Winter Olympics, the world’s top ice and snow events, and directly won a silver medal for her country.Although he walked over to say again and again very pleased with their performance, but it’s all over the world ski circles caused a great sensation, had made a mistake, because it is generally believed that the Canadian team action shouldn’t get such a high score, and the fatal mistakes made with adults didn’t catch the skis video, repeated analysis, found one thing, in the game,China’s Su Yiming should have won the gold medal.However, some Chinese people are very fond of blaming themselves for the accident, just like the logic of saying that if you don’t hit him, he will hit you.Su Yi tolled the silver medal after many ZhongKe to come forward to Chinese science, what segmented referee score each are not identical, canadians to high marks, secretly in a fair gold medal athletes not to steal what of, anyhow is a word: Su Yi wong didn’t get a gold medal is not your ability, use rethink its excuse, crazy for the adults to wash.However, the referee of this competition came out and publicly said in an interview that the champion score was disputed, and he did give the Canadian champion a higher score because they did not find the other team missed the skis. When they finally saw it, the score had been made public and could not be changed.This shows, Su Yiming’s gold medal is really black!One thing that must be acknowledged, though, is that Ms. Su and the Chinese team also fell short in this case: athletes in this event have 15 minutes after they finish jumping to appeal their scores.However, the Chinese delegation was not good at this project, so they did not study these details in place. Moreover, Su yiming’s score was normal, so they ignored this right.Although Su said with a smile that he was very satisfied, but after all, competitive sports should be divided into high and low, at the risk of injury, years of hard practice was destroyed by a few judges “negligence”, even a small plug young, also can not afford such a toss.