How calm is Yiming Su?Before the third jump has won, expressionless show king of the wind

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On February 15, 2022, In the final of the men’s snowboard platform of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Su Yiming chose the difficulty of 1800 in the first two rounds, and all landed steadily, respectively getting 89.5 points and 93 points, without any mistakes.He came out last in the third round, and the gold medal was already assured before he came out!In this match, Su yiming is too perfect, the first two rounds are extremely perfect play, in the other players have mistakes, the young player under the age of 18 has been very stable, showing the wind of the king!Before the third jump, he knew he had won as he prepared on stage, but Su’s face remained expressionless and calm.She was not particularly excited when she hugged her coach, which showed her calmness and big heart!In the last jump, Su yiming chose to celebrate in the air. He did not have too many difficulties or twists, and landed firmly after grabbing the board in the air, which also reflected his relaxed mood.The young player is too much of a king, although he is not yet of age, but this championship should be the best present for his 18th birthday in 3 days.Before the third jump, when Su stood on the stage, it really felt like a king overlooking the audience, at that point, the audience had been conquered by him.As the explanation said, at that moment, Su Yiming shougang big platform, into his Linhai snow field, Qi Chongxiahan!