The first intelligent cloud warehouse in Jingdong county will be settled in South Shandong, covering 42 million people in six cities of Lusu

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A few days ago, jingdong Logistics and Shandong Province Pingyi County jointly built “Jingdong (Pingyi) zhizhi Logistics Industrial Park” officially entered the second phase of construction, the two sides will continue to expand the construction of cold chain logistics industrial park.This is the third regional logistics hub center of JINGdong Logistics in Shandong province after Jinan and Qingdao, and also the first intelligent and automated county-level jingdong cloud warehouse in China.Jingdong YunCang public net news reporter learned that, posters, pingyi number wisdom logistics industrial park a total construction area of more than 4.2 square meters, with the development of digital economy as the core, combined with the local electrical business scale and the overall logistics demand, the implementation of automated stereoscopic warehouse, box-type multi-layer shuttle car stereo library, arrival of the goods handling, sorting AGV robot robotics, etc.,To become a regional intelligent warehousing and distribution center integrating warehousing, sorting and office, and realize the upgrade of intelligent logistics system at the county level in south Shandong.In recent years, Pingyi County has seized the “Internet +” development opportunity, actively cultivated the e-commerce soil, increased policy support, and explored a new way to promote the integration of “business warehouse flow” county e-commerce development, has been listed as municipal and provincial e-commerce demonstration county.Accelerate the digitization of the supply chain of the county Power brand effect of the double dressing city several wisdom logistics industrial park is located in the southern areas in shandong, service area coverage of jining, heze, zaozhuang, linyi, xuzhou, lianyungang and other 6, 64 counties of 42 million people, is not only the jingdong logistics in shandong province the third regional logistics hub,It is also the country’s first intelligent, automated county jingdong cloud warehouse.Jingdong understands YunCang reporter in the interview, the park depends on jingdong logistics software, hardware and system integration of “trinity supply chain technology system”, the core advantage, automatically by the layout of the library, Wolf, such as intelligent warehouse robot and intelligent system of supply chain solutions, accelerated the digital supply chain of the entire southern region.The rising “rookie” in the dairy market adopts a cow, which is an epitome of digital upgrade of supply chain in Pingyi Shuzhi Logistics Industrial Park.In the past, the original warehousing and logistics mode of “Adopt a cow” was relatively traditional, with manual warehousing and picking as the main task. The rapidly growing business demands high demand for storage space and warehousing efficiency.After entering the Pingyi Shuzhi Logistics Industrial Park, an automatic vertical warehouse with a height of about 16 meters adopts the intensive storage of double-overstretched stacker and multi-layer material boxes, which not only improves the number of storage space, but also effectively solves the problem of insufficient storage space in the original warehouse.In addition, the automatic warehouse also changes the traditional way of picking goods to picking goods when they arrive. It automatically captures the operation data of warehouse equipment in real time and uploads them to the working tasks. Employees do not need to run in the warehouse for a long time, which greatly improves the picking efficiency and the accuracy of picking goods, and also reduces the working intensity of personnel.In addition, borrows the jingdong logistics operations, the intelligent digital products such as team building, implements the pingyi number wisdom logistics industry park warehouse digital platform, the platform of intelligent scheduling and intelligent management, greatly increasing the area between the warehouse and the driver of the cooperative efficiency, save the manpower cost and logistics park planning and scheduling of paper documents resource consumption and management costs.In the era of digital economy, the transformation and upgrading of any industry cannot do without digital empowerment, and the digital transformation of supply chain promotes the innovation and upgrading of regional economy, forming a positive cycle.The landing of Pingyi Intelligent Industrial Park and the deepening of cooperation is another strong confirmation that JINGdong Logistics deeply integrates into the process of regional economic development.After years of cultivation, The market share of traditional industries such as honeysuckle, labor protection gloves and canned fruits and vegetables in Pingyi county ranks among the top in the country, and it is the famous hometown of honeysuckle, the hometown of stone and the capital of canned fruits in China.However, traditional industries have problems such as weak profitability and “big but not strong”, and are faced with a bottleneck in the development of modern industries by transforming and upgrading traditional driving forces and cultivating and strengthening new ones.How to find a path of high-quality development?Pingyi County chooses jingdong Logistics as the featured product to get through the two-way logistics channel of “going out, bringing in”. By providing online and offline integration, full-chain logistics services and other innovative service modes of county logistics industrial park, pingyi County constantly promotes the innovation and upgrading of county economy.In the past, the local logistics mode is from pingyi production to Jinan warehouse, and then to the south of Shandong, high logistics cost, weak delivery time.Pingyi number wisdom logistics industrial park after put into operation, the local factories can be implemented to warehousing, distribution of ascending more than a day, logistics costs fell by more than 50%, significantly shortened in pingyi county within the upward, downward distance of the industrial products, agricultural products achieve the 12 hours of southern shandong, northern jiangsu area distribution in place within 24 hours and arrived in Yangtze river delta region.At the same time, the park will also connect with traditional channels through online e-commerce platform to realize online and offline integration of orders, inventory, channels and distribution, inventory sharing and unified management, to realize the benefit sharing of brand owners, distributors and offline stores, and truly realize the integration of online and offline.Industrial transformation and upgrading has also driven local talent training in Pingyi, directly creating more than 2,300 social employment, providing a new path for local diversification and localization of employment, and enabling rural migrant workers who choose to return to stay in their villages to increase their income locally.At present, rural revitalization and industrial upgrading are advancing comprehensively, and supply chain, as a key link linking both ends of production and marketing, is playing an increasingly important role.The shuzhi supply chain infrastructure represented by Pingyi Shuzhi Logistics Industrial Park not only makes the supply chain more scientific and efficient, but also makes the regional economy more smooth, which can be said to be a fresh case of “unimpeded domestic economic cycle” in the “14th Five-Year Plan” proposal.In the future, JINGdong Logistics will continue to deeply cultivate the core track of integrated supply chain logistics, from the building of new infrastructure, the development of intelligent logistics, the construction of digital parks and other aspects, to further play the growth efficiency of new entity enterprises, help more small and medium-sized businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency, provide pengbai power for the vigorous development of regional economy.