Good news!Zheng Yixin may become the main auxiliary attack of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, with Zhu Ting and Yuan Xinyue!

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On February 20th, coach CAI Bin officially took over the Chinese women’s volleyball team and started training in Ningbo. 50 women’s volleyball players competed for 28 places within 3 weeks.Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning and Yao Di did not appear in the national team due to injuries or wedding preparations.Among them, zheng Yixin, a small deputy, is very hopeful to become a regular member and become the main deputy of the National Women’s Volleyball Team. 1) Lang Ping liked to use tall deputy. Yang Hanyu and Wang Yuanyuan were 196cm tall and 195cm tall, but they were not successful in blocking and spiking.2) Zheng Yixin, is the representative of small quick spirit playing, born in 1995, she has a variety of tactical playing, back fly, back slip, before and after fast attack, at the foot of the pace moving speed, fast and flexible, after playing 2, 3 is also very good!3) If CAI Bin wants to be fast, he must use Zheng Yixin!Zheng Yixin’s fast and changeable attack makes up for her lack of height. Come on!Think Lang Director doesn’t understand fast change?Zheng Yixin really has so magical, Lang Guide will put not!Will be stopped in front of the European and American teams dishevelled!Ha ha, in front of the European tall side attack hand, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu are not also stopped hair dishevelled?Take a closer look at how Zhang Changning scored one point and lost eight in the world Championship match between China and Italy.When the two national teams consist of 28 members, CAI Daodao did not go against Lang Daodao, but CAI Daodao wanted to strengthen the word “fast” and make the Chinese women’s volleyball team combine high and fast, so as to achieve both hands hard. When facing the Asian team, he held high high and beat fast with high, and used Zheng Yixin with fast against fast.Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning to deal with the European team to fast system high, high against high.The Chinese women’s volleyball team always has strong and fast hands. If they can break the powerful serve of the opponent and practice the golden arm, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is expected to win.On February 20th, Congratulations to Zheng Yixin, yan Ni retired, Zheng Yixin is definitely expected to become the main force of the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team.Prediction: Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, Zheng Yixin, Yuan Xinyue as the main side attack, the two national teams are allocated 2 people each, the 2022 Asian Games, world Championships who good performance, who will be the main side attack of the national team.Yuan Xinyue, Zheng Yixin, we say that is not the meaning?