A shock!South Korea’s short track speed skating hit hard: mixed relay out of the first round, Wang Meng joked to see the replay

2022-06-04 0 By

Beijing, Feb 5 (XINHUA) — The mixed team relay at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was a surprise surprise on the opening day of the short track speed skating competition, as South Korea, one of the favorites, was knocked out of the quarterfinals, while China made a solid performance and easily qualified as the top team.Wang Meng, the commentator, also joked about the Korean team: ‘Let’s take a look at the replay and see how the Korean team fell down.On the first day of short track speed skating, Fan Kexin took the lead in the women’s 500-meter heat and advanced to the first place in her group.Then came Zhang Yuting and Qu Chunyu also played their own strength, with the group second identity to the next round.Subsequently, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei had reservations, but they still advanced to the first place in the group. Li Wenlong also performed well, although he won the third place in the group, but he also got the qualification.It should be said that the Debut of the Chinese short track speed skating team was very successful, which gave us more confidence for the mixed team relay.The highlight of the first competition day was the mixed team relay, which was the gold medal for China.In the quarter-finals, China and South Korea were drawn in the same group. South Korea was also one of the favorites to win the tournament, and both teams fielded their strongest squads.The Chinese team fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei performed very well, both in personal speed and coordination, especially in the sprint phase, they kept the lead and finally won the group first.Surprisingly, the Korean athlete fell down without a collision and fell out of the court. Although the Korean athlete continued to compete, she was too far behind to catch up. She finished third in the group and failed to advance to the semifinals.In an unmistakable upset, favourites South Korea were eliminated in the first round.As we all know, the Korean team has many problems, such as infighting, bad fouls and so on. We also worry that the Chinese team and their group, will be affected. As a result, we Rely on the absolute strength of the Chinese team to win the group, do not give the Chance to foul the Korean team, and the Korean team made their own mistakes, directly out of the tournament.Wang Meng, the commentator, who had fought against The Korean players for many times, did not forget to tease the Korean players when he watched the match on the screen: “Let’s have a good look at the replay. How did the Korean players fall?With the form China has shown, they really have a chance to win this championship, regardless of the opponent’s performance.Later in the semifinal, although The Chinese team won the group third, but from the slow-motion replay, the Chinese team was disturbed, the referee after A long judgment, the final judgment of the Russian Olympic Team and the United States team foul, The Chinese team advanced to the group A final, congratulations to the Chinese team!