Seven passenger lines involving Suzhou have been suspended in Zhenjiang since February 15

2022-06-03 0 By

Yangtse Evening News network On February 15 (correspondent Xu Cheng Wang Min shi reporter Wan Lingyun) 15, the reporter from zhenjiang traffic law enforcement department learned that, in suzhou “2•13” epidemic, zhenjiang city has suspended 7 to suzhou city, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Kunshan, Taicang passenger class line.During the same period, all chartered passenger buses to Suzhou will be suspended to control and reduce the risk of imported COVID-19.At present, Zhenjiang city traffic law enforcement departments have carried out the suzhou direction since January 31, drivers, urging enterprises to track, according to the requirements of nucleic acid testing and health monitoring.At the same time, supervise the passenger station of the bus station to check the passengers coming in and out of the station one by one. If the health code is green and the trip code shows suzhou, it is required to carry the negative proof of nucleic acid test for 48 hours. If the health code is yellow or red, the passenger transfer and disposal process of “two stations, one station and one dock” will be managed.During the on-site Spring Festival travel rush, Zhenjiang will suspend all passenger routes originating or terminating in medium-high risk areas, and suspend the filing business of chartered buses originating, terminating or stopping in medium-high risk areas.In addition, “point-to-point” transport should be strictly implemented for road passenger lines and chartered buses passing through medium – and high-risk areas, and passengers should not be loaded or unloaded in these areas.Proofreading Xu Hang