Oil price breaks through!Domestic gasoline station oil price news: 98, 95, 92 latest gasoline prices

2022-06-03 0 By

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in such a festive day, everybody happily in the New Year, but there is a less good news came out, and that is surging oil prices, international crude oil every break through the $90 mark, this is now close to $95, the future is expected to break through the $100 mark, or even challenge an all-time high.Especially at the time of yesterday evening, sweeping trend of crude oil surged, the main reason is the phoney war Russia and Ukraine, which factors will be conducted to the capital markets next week, to remember the last time of crude oil, or old American invasion of Iraq, so I have to think about, feel history could repeat itself again.Of course, there is also the OPEC+ member countries have not implemented enough, and the current situation of oil prices in short supply is another reason that OPEC+ control production, the purpose of needless to say, control oil prices to keep high, for oil exporting countries to earn more profits.If you know anything about the world’s oil giants, you know that the top three oil producers are the United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, and they each produce more than 10 million barrels of oil a day, and they make a lot of money.In fact, to tell the truth, the continuous rise of oil prices is basically locked by these three big oil countries, especially the United States is very big influence, they have made a lot of money in the past two years by the oil surge.Under the influence of high inflation, although americans earn a lot of money from oil, they do not want to keep oil at a high level all the time, and in the future, they are likely to increase their efforts to push down the price of oil.This could be done by selling oil reserves (which is already happening), boosting shale production, negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, putting pressure on OPEC to increase production, and easing the Crisis in Ukraine.In addition, for the rise in crude oil contain another factor in the formation, it is slowly resumed production in oil-rich Iran, once, when they receive the sanctions, which also leads to a decrease of their oil exports greatly, but fortunately the sanctions have slowly reduced, and the oil production is increasing,This will help curb the rise in oil prices, but it will be difficult to do so without lifting sanctions.In short, as far as the current situation is concerned, oil prices still have upward momentum. As for where the future will go, it is not clear, but the momentum for a sustained rise may not exist, because many countries are trying to suppress the continued rise of oil prices!Finally, is to talk about the domestic oil price will change, this one change will be in February 17, that is, when the next Thursday, according to the current international oil prices rise, next week will rise again 2 to 3, and you need to spend more than ten dollars to refuel, here we also want to ready to go ahead!