The US did not expect its ally to turn against us!NATO is going to fall apart without someone else doing it?

2022-06-01 0 By

Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate of France’s far-right National Alliance party, has said that if she becomes president, France will withdraw from NATO to prevent the country from being embroiled in conflicts in other countries, the Global Times reported on February 7.It should be noted that several French presidential candidates have called for France to withdraw from NATO to avoid being dragged into a new “cold war” by the United States.”They must defend their interests and break away from the logic of the military junta,” le Pen said on February 5.So you have to get out of NATO so that you don’t get involved in another conflict in another country.”In December, another Far-right French presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour, also said he wanted France to withdraw from NATO.”He wants France to withdraw from NATO’s joint military command,” Zemmour told supporters at a gathering in early December, according to China Youth Daily.He stressed that the French people “will never be a vassal of the European Union”.It should be mentioned that in addition to the right-wing parties, the French left party also intends to pull France out of NATO.Jean-luc Melenchon, leader of France’s far-left intrepid France party, said in a program in early January that he supports France leaving NATO because it can avoid being dragged into the LOGIC of a new Cold war against China and Russia by the US, reported.Instead of blindly following America’s “military adventurism”, he argues, France should try to “de-escalate” the international situation.Melenchon also mentioned the west’s eastward expansion of NATO, arguing that the current tensions between Russia and the West are the result of the West’s broken promises.”Russia is France’s partner,” he said bluntly. “He wants to be an enemy.”He also opposes plans to bring Ukraine into NATO.Notably, the French presidential candidate said publicly last year that he did not consider Taiwan a “country”, stating that it was only a province of China.He did not want France to fall into a “cold war” with China, stressing that France would never go to war with China and that France is only a “small country” and should not become the “world policeman”.So there is a strong chance that the next French president, whoever he is, will push France out of NATO.In fact, France’s withdrawal from the treaty is not far-fetched.Analysts say that France, which has a history of withdrawing from NATO and pursues independence, is not out of the question.Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly expressed frustration with NATO, even declaring it “brain dead”.In addition, after the “nuclear submarine incident” and the “stab” in the back of the United States and other Allies, France is more enthusiastic about withdrawing from NATO.