Guo jingming queued up to do nucleic acid and was made fun of for his height, but he lived where no one could afford it

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On April 4, some netizens revealed that they came across Guo jingming in Caojiadu, Shanghai, who was waiting in line for nucleic acid testing. They saw him wearing a white baseball cap and mask, dressed casually and low-key. During the queuing process, he was well-behaved and kept a distance of one meter from his male assistant, showing a strong awareness of epidemic prevention.However, after guo jingming’s nucleic acid test was exposed, the public opinion was surprisingly consistent. That is, as before, many netizens have taken his height as a matter of fact, thinking that he stands out among the crowd and is highly recognizable due to his short stature.Moreover, many netizens compared guo’s height to that of his assistant, saying that standing together created a great visual impact, making guo’s assistant look like a giant in front of him.In fact, is to make fun of Guo Jingming short, despise his meaning.To tell the truth, Guo Jingming was made fun of because of his short stature is not a matter of two days, but as long as he and other stars with the frame photo, height is definitely never out of date topic, because his head is really not high, the height data published online is 1.5 meters, but the actual may not reach.Of course, taking other people’s physical defects is a very rude behavior, but Guo jingming has never taken these rumors as a thing, enough to show how strong his ability to resist pressure, silently only focus on their own career, the results can be said to be extremely good scenery.But then again, not all people will make fun of guo’s height, there are a lot of people think that guo is a very successful people, such as a well-known financial blogger jingchu childe through microblog praised guo, says his low-key friendly do not compete with one another, although it is true that is short, but he is through their own efforts to struggle with everything in Shanghai, the absolute is a good example of the self-reliant.Since Guo Jingming can not change his height, then through efforts to change their life, and so many people laugh at him short, but they do not know that they are losers in life.It is reported, although Guo Jingming did not live in Shanghai house price ceiling tomson is tasted, but does not represent he cannot afford, just he prefers to live in old foreign house inside.Caojiadu may be unknown to many people, but for old Shanghainese, caojiadu is known as “Small Shanghai in the west of Shanghai”, and most of them are some old and old houses, which can be said to be valuable without market.From cao Jiadu’s current housing prices, second-hand housing more than 100 thousand dollars a square meter, but this is not the price of the old houses, because the old houses are sold by the building, casually are several hundred million.Therefore, while making fun of others, it is best to take a look at yourself first, otherwise it will only make yourself more inferior and useless.