A 68-year-old man makes fish porridge without rice. He sells 200 catties of fish at different places every day, and sells it for 20 yuan per pot

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Known as “doing porridge”, pay attention to, in the coastal area in guangdong before always work at night with friends or go to sidewalk snack booth to a pot of porridge, sand boil tastes better, one hundred times spirit, gradually formed the habit, a don’t eat feel whole body uncomfortable, the variety of porridge porridge pig miscellaneous variety also have seafood porridge, everything is delicious,There is a shop selling fish porridge in Zhangzhou, Fujian province. It has been rooted here for 20 years and its reputation has spread very well. Let’s go to see the charm of this fish porridge!Bargain the shop is a father and son in the business, the big ye is 68 years old, until now still busy in the shop, son must be the main labor force, of course, do food is very tired, this is as it is known, now the store of the division of labor is very clear, the son is responsible for cooking fish porridge, father is responsible for the processing of fish, although the shop is not big, but business is very good, mainly cheap,A big pot of fish porridge is only 20 yuan, customers can eat very comfortable and happy, now the boy wants to sell out early every day, sold more than twelve o ‘clock to go home early to rest, end the day busy.Fish porridge ingredients do fish gruel store mainly two kinds, one kind is less bass bones, is a kind of carp, meat fat, big ye are open his own fish is not a pure wild fish, but belongs to a half wild, the fish are bred in the reservoir, quality assurance, buy fresh fish every day back home can slowly away, according to the requirements of the customers place to sell separately,It can sell 200 catties of fish a day, which is also a considerable sales volume.Special porridge made fish porridge is not our common white porridge and fish, fish porridge inside big ye are fish or other, absolutely authentic, fresh fish chop into pieces, then first frying in the pan, fry until golden brown on both sides and then add boiling water, boil boil, delicious flavour is full-bodied, like to eat fish eaters can as food taken late at night, can also be the staple food.But many diners still like to add some fish roe into the match, more nutritious.In addition to the fish porridge, the restaurant also made a special delicious fish roe. The fish roe of the carp is fried slowly in a pot with a small fire. The fish roe is golden on both sides, and the fish bone has a rich sense of granularity.The reason why it is called fish porridge without rice is that there is no rice in it, but fish is used to enrich the steamed bowl of porridge. Many diners have a mouthful of fish soup at night, and then eat fish. That feeling is very beautiful, so they go home and sleep after eating.