6 recognized “non-aggressive” cats, docile and non-biting, suitable for domestic use

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Many families will choose to have a cat, want to increase the fun of life, today we introduce 6 recognized “non-aggressive” cats, gentle personality does not bite, suitable for domestic.The dog of cats — Siamese cat personality: Loyal, clingy, gentle Characteristics: The colder the weather, the darker the hair Siamese cats only accept one owner in their life, if abandoned by their owners, may die of depression.Siamese cat witty and lively, no aggression, physical fitness, very suitable for domestic, if you raise Siamese cat, do not abandon it at will!2, cartoon cat, exotic shorthair personality: gentle and quiet features: cat Garfield was chubby, flat face with big eyes and looks cute and lovely, they naturally likes to please master, personality is the best, all the cats will not scratch and bite my master, don’t refuse to strangers, suitable for domestic, is accepted without aggressive cat.3, cat gaff – orange cat character: gentle, relatives, friendly characteristics: fat, love to eat orange cat is pretty friendly to human beings, anyone can touch it, very friendly to human beings, very quickly into the family.As long as there is food, orange cats can feed, usually they only eat and sleep, they are very comfortable kittens, generally do not appear aggressive behavior.4, the cat world small fairy – Puppet cat character: docile, loyal, quiet characteristics: blue eyes puppet cat in addition to the cat world carry son, temper is also very good, puppet cat is very tolerant of children’s play, let people play will not be angry.Muppet cats are loving, affectionate and enjoy their owners’ company, making them ideal domestic pets.5, allergist — Hairless cat personality: smart, quiet, love to play characteristics: hairless cat is very smart, IQ ranked first in the cat world.Hairless cats are also very gentle and waxy. Although they look terrible, they are not aggressive. They like to follow and play games with their owners, and families with children can keep them.Hairless cats are very smart and their owners can play games like picking up a ball with them. The cat will cooperate with you very much.When playing with a hairless cat, add some snacks to make your cat happier.How to choose a cat snack?If you are interested, you can check out the article in blue: What snacks do you have to have for a cat?6, strong body – The American shorthair cat character: lively, clever, through human characteristics: the beautiful brindle United States shorthair cat is more lively small cats, they are more energetic, like jumping up and down.Therefore, the interaction with the owner is also the strongest, the beauty of the short cat is strong adaptability, soon can be integrated into the new family, with humans and other small animals can live in harmony.Mei Short is also very strong, rarely sick and very easy to feed.Pet owners just need to pay attention to their diet.Pet owners of beautiful short cats had better choose a balanced cat food as their staple food, which can enhance their resistance.There are a lot of considerations in choosing cat food, which I won’t elaborate on here, but readers who are interested can read the article in blue below for further information: “What is good cat food for cats? How to choose a good cat food?”Conclusion: What kind of cat do you have?Did your cat make the list?