How to understand valve body logo

2022-05-29 0 By

The marking and identification paint of the valve is to firmly distinguish the valve from the outside, facilitating the storage, acceptance and accurate placement of the valve, thus preventing the occurrence of errors.1, valve display: in the center of the front of the valve display nominal pressure or event pressure and nominal diameter and medium activity deflection of the arrow, the arrow below the nominal diameter of the valve.Gate, ball, and rotary valves are placed without bias and therefore do not display arrows.2, valve identification: the type of valve, driving method and adjacent situation can be identified from the shape of the valve.Nominal diameter, nominal pressure and deflection of medium activity can be seen directly from the body front display.The color of the paint on all parts of the valve can be verified by the material of the valve, sealing ring and lining.The color of the valve material shall be painted on the valve body and the color of the sealing material shall be painted on the valve handwheel or valve cover.