City leaders to carry out visits before the festival

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Huanbo News network news (reporter Sun Su) in the Spring Festival is coming, hu Guohui, chairman of the Municipal CPPCC to Yutian county visited the elderly party members, migrant workers, the families of soldiers who died in the line of duty, the families of cadres who died in the line of duty and retired soldiers, to extend holiday greetings to them.Municipal CPPCC secretary General Li Changyuan condolences together.Shao Hongyu, a veteran party member, is 92 years old.The old man joined the Party in 1949 and participated in the war to fight against the United States and aid Korea.Kwok-fai was delighted to see the old man in good health.Kwok-fai hu said that in the revolutionary war era, the old party members risked their lives and made indelible contributions to the establishment of the new China, and continued to shine during the period of peace construction and made outstanding contributions to the construction and development of Tangshan, which will never be forgotten by the Party and the people.Relevant departments at all levels must take good care of the lives of veteran Party members, help them solve practical difficulties in a timely manner, and ensure that they enjoy their old age in peace.”How is life? Are there any immediate difficulties?””What are the sources of income and medical care?””There are several children in the family. Do they all have jobs?”…Kwok Fai went to the homes of zhang Fa, fang Fuxing, Xue Shumei and Liu Zhiqin, the families of the party members who died while on duty. He presented them with condolence money and gifts, chatted with them and learned about their physical conditions and daily life in detail.Kwok-hui hu encouraged the people in need to maintain an optimistic attitude and face life positively, and urged the relevant responsible comrades of Yutian County to help the people in need to solve the practical difficulties in life, and put the care of the Party and the government into practice.Bohai News network news (reporter Liang Zangying) On the eve of the Spring Festival, the standing committee of the Municipal Party committee, executive vice mayor Qiao Zhaoying visited the lu North district difficult party members, for them to send the party and the government’s care and festival blessing.Qiao Zhaoying first came to qiaotun street Peirenli community.In veterans, whole Hou Xi and home, Qiao Chaoying ask for details of their daily life, health, child labor, and so on and so forth, to solatium caffeine arts and left a festive, encourage them to hearten spirit, unyielding and positive to face difficulties, believe in the party and the government and the society from all walks of life love, the life will be better and better.At wang Shaozuo’s house, Qiao Zhaoying asked wang shaozuo and his wife about their physical condition, the family’s income and expenditure, and their child’s study, encouraging them to keep an optimistic attitude and educating their children to study hard so that they can be admitted to an ideal university in the future.After knowing that some of wang Shaozuo’s postoperative supplies were purchased at his own expense all year round, Qiao Zhaoying told the local government and relevant departments to visit frequently, learn about the situation in time, help the people in need to solve the actual difficulties, and send the care and warmth of the Party and the government to the masses.Qiao then went to the home of 93-year-old Party member Zhang Yongfen in Nanli, Shanxi Province.Zhang Yongfen joined the Party in March 1947. She was a 75-year veteran of the party. She was in poor health and had no formal job and no pension.Qiao zhaoying and the old man face to face chat, detailed understanding of the old man’s family, life, physical condition and the old man to participate in the history of the revolution, and wish the old man health and longevity, a happy life.He urged relevant departments to give more care and care to veteran party members and those in difficulties who have witnessed, participated and promoted the glorious history of the Party, and to help them solve practical difficulties with their hearts so that they can truly feel the care of the Party and the government and the reverence of the whole society.Bohai Rim News network news (reporter Zheng Pengpeng) On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Standing committee of the Municipal Party Committee, propaganda Minister Li Li visited Kaiping District for the Spring Festival.Li Li visited the homes of li Xiangbiao, a provincial moral model, Zhang Lei and Zhou Wei, a disabled soldier. She inquired about their health and entrusted her family to take good care of them, and extended Spring Festival greetings and best wishes to them.She hopes to kaiping district departments at all levels adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, the moment of mass especially difficult populace’s changes in temperature in the heart, and to perfect the education development history of the party to study does the practical work for the masses and the mechanism of achievement, in the heart with affection to solve practical problems, let the masses fully feel the party and the government’s care care, make sure they have a happy and peaceful holiday.Bohai News network news (reporter Liu Shiwei) On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Caofeidian District Party secretary Hou Xu, deputy mayor, Beijing-Hebei Caofeidian Coordinated development Demonstration Zone Secretary of the Party Working Committee Shi Xiaopu, the city CPPCC vice Chairman Quan Rongzhe to Caofeidian District to carry out Spring Festival condolences activities,Greetings and New Year greetings to veteran Party members, people in need, retired veteran cadres, national model workers, district Human Resources And Armed Forces department and epidemic prevention and control office of Caofeidian District.In the difficult people Tong Yongsheng, “one help one” to help the object zhao Xiaolai home, Hou Xu and a detailed understanding of their family living conditions and actual difficulties and the current implementation of the policy of help, told the relevant departments to put the difficulties of the masses in the heart, to help them solve practical problems.”Have you done your New Year shopping yet?How are children getting jobs?”At the homes of wang Denggui, veteran Party member Chen Guohua and National model worker Liu Derun, Hou Xu and his delegation had a friendly talk with the people in need, urging them to take care of their health, overcome difficulties and live an optimistic life. They also asked relevant departments to do their best to help them solve practical difficulties and do their work carefully, faithfully and well.Walking into the Ministry of Human Forces and the Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control, Hou Xu and his delegation fully affirmed their outstanding contributions to the economic prosperity and development of Caofeidian District and the people’s living and working in peace and contentment.He said that caofeidian district has made remarkable achievements in security and stability, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. The troops stationed in caofeidian and the epidemic prevention and control Office have enhanced the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security. He hoped that they would make persistent efforts in the New Year and contribute to the high-quality development of Caofeidian.Source: Huanbo News network