Zelensky has been played like hell!”Invasion of Japan” calm, The United States and Russia play “double reed”?

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On The 16th, when Russia and Ukraine were calm, the song was almost like a double drama co-directed by the United States and Russia, and ended dramatically with Zelensky being “exhausted”.February 16th, the exact date given by U.S. intelligence and western media for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is now February 16th, but nothing has happened. Nothing has happened.It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden played a double game, and it was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who ended up exhausted.In the United States and the west for days, vehemently fanning, 16, not only did not go against Ukraine, Russia is Russia’s western and southern war zone over the exercises, withdrew, but Russia does not say, their troops withdrew to what kind of place, over a period of time, they will not drill.But what was clear to all of us, to all of the world, was that on February 16, Russia did not attack Ukraine at all, showing the world once again how incompetent and borderless The U.S. intelligence community was.Let’s not forget how the US intelligence community said the washing powder was a chemical weapon and then started the operation against Iraq.This time, of course, the situation is not so serious, but the pattern is the same anyway, it is the intelligence services’ nonsense, and then the American media is fanning the flames.So now what, there is no fighting in eastern Ukraine, and what is Russia doing?He is hosting Chancellor Scholz of Germany.Mr. Putin made it very clear to Mr. Scholz that Russia did not want war at all and that it wanted to continue diplomatic dialogue.What’s interesting is that the British have a newspaper called the sun, circulation is very large, the tabloids on February 15th, is released the entire schedule of the U.S. intelligence community called Russia Ukraine, said Russia is coming time, is to Kiev time on February 16, at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, that is our Beijing time at 9 o ‘clock this morning.The Sun then gave details of the plan: first, Russian missiles and aircraft would be deployed, under the cover of such air strikes, Russia’s 200,000 strong army would invade Ukraine.Of course, this is the western media, or the standard of American intelligence is so poor, we can judge for ourselves.In short, Russia’s attitude is still a little soft.Isn’t America lying again?Did you get punched in the face again?So, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, what should the West call February 15?It’s called propaganda Day of war, and it’s gonna go down in history forever.Have to say, this Zakharova’s mouth, has been particularly sharp, this speech, let the West how ugly.So whatever the plan might have been, on February 16th the world saw that only one man had been badly outplayed: Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky.As you can imagine, how bad was Zelensky?I don’t know.On Feb. 15, he literally called on Russia not to start a war.All these earnest, urgent words had been uttered.In a dig at the U.S. side, Zelensky said, “Even if nothing happens on February 16, I’m afraid that the next step, the U.S. intelligence services will give another date, because they want to scare the Ukrainian people, including the rich.”Zelensky’s mood can be imagined, these rich people are fleeing Ukraine, what kind of impact on Ukraine?Including the money of the rich, including the former foreign investment in Ukraine.Now in Ukraine, we’re seeing capital flight of $3 billion to $5 billion a week.What is the intention of the United States to make Ukraine’s already faltering economy worse?Is Biden really treating Ukraine like his little brother?Obviously, it’s not a real brother, it’s definitely someone else’s brother, and it’s too bad for him.So now Ukraine’s president volodymyr Zelensky has told Germany’s Chancellor, Chancellor Scholz, in a particularly heartfelt way, that Ukraine’s NATO membership may be just a dream.For now, however, they will have to carry on, because Ukraine will only continue to be played in the game between the United States and Russia.