If these six strong women are all in the same company, what kind of position will they be in?

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If these six strong women are all in the same company, what kind of position will they be in?One netizen called her “a woman who walks with wind.”In The first Half of My Life, Yuan quan plays Tang Jing, a businesswoman.A neat short hair, wearing an ordinary commuting suit, a pair of slender tall walk steady and fast, thin figure out of the two meters eight aura.After all, tile and stiletto heels, the average girl would walk with caution.But she won’t, after all, every company’s “workplace white bones” is a ruthless to others, more ruthless to their own hard stubble.When you meet a subordinate in the company, a desk employee shouts, “Always hello, Tang!”She doesn’t have a poker face like other actors, and she doesn’t pretend to be friendly.Just a little smile.Her hurried pace, her polite distance, and her demeanor as a company leader.This is what we call “superior feeling”.Any woman will say “Sayin ‘!”If Yuan Quan lets the woman say sa, then Zhang Yuqi lets all the men say “Wow!”In 2016, Zhang yuqi sponsored the role of li Ruolan, a wealthy woman, in Chow chow’s The Mermaid.This slap is called zhang Yuqi’s true colors.She was dressed in a red cloak and strode smartly along.Domineering off, show black tight skin skirt, bold and unrestrained ground is putting 30 billion malicious words.The whole person is full of energy, publicity and charm.If my company has such a leader, I just want to say: “sister, I don’t want to work hard!”Everything is All Right has brought Yao Chen into the public eye again.She plays su Mingyu, general manager of the branch.She started from the bottom of the sales work, in the workplace can be flexible, good cop or bad cop can sing, after years of climbing back to the company’s aggressive female executives.He wore a dark red suit, a black suit and a white shirt, with a silk scarf around his neck.The feeling of high white-collar came out instantly.See her look in the eyes firmly to see the front, face subordinate to say hello not only evil spirit a smile, but also slightly nod.Still do not stop, stride forward.Not as fast as Yuan Quan, but slowly and steadily, as if he were looking down on the land he had built step by step.”Rich people wear designer clothes from beginning to end, and all they talk about is money, so I think these are false details,” Yao said in a later interview.For her, the movements, the eyes, the way she dresses, the way she walks, all define the role.So much so that a netizen later said, “Except for Yao Chen, no one can perform Su Mingyu anymore.”It is said that Yao Chen’s role in All Is Well was originally planned to be played by Liu Tao.Liu Tao, after all, was always portrayed as a professional elite.In “Ode to Joy” in the role of Andy, is the chief financial officer, with a high IQ and very strong ability to work.Dressed in a white suit, walking quickly with a cold face.Encounter subordinate, still serious and unsmiling.As he walked, he told his secretary to take a pen to record the next work.The whole thing is no stranger, no problem with the bully CEO.If meet with such female boss, estimate return true a little afraid afraid of.However, performance should also be able to have security!In The Perfect Relationship, Chen Shu inadvertently picked up a group of fans.At that time, most people are directed at a female tongLiya, can be chased to the end in the female two Stella “poison”.In the play, she is the “devil woman” in the public relations circle.Come out with a lot of energy!Agile bingle is tie-in able business suit, mature woman’s self-confidence grace is revealed on her body undoubtedly.Speaking and doing things dripping, a problem in front of her are children’s children.Even when her husband cheated on her, she didn’t cry like a normal woman.Instead calmly find the mistress, a few words on the prick, let the other side from the chaos of defeat.The whole is domineering and elegant.Even in the hot broadcast “Chen Shu qi field” and other related topics several degrees of hot search.You can see the audience’s recognition of her.06 “Sun Li” she in “Settling down” in the role of Sun Li is the real estate agency airborne manager, room like jin.Different from previous bosses, she should be considered the most down-to-earth workplace executive.Sales savvy, but also the domineering store manager.A strong woman trying to get out of the situation and not be bullied anymore.Work up, believe in the first full before good work.She may be a store manager, but she doesn’t need subordinates to flatter her.Instead, they lead by example. A sentence “There is no house I can’t sell” is both bullying and hate value.Actually, privately Sun Li walks without the bearing of Chen number really, although dress skirt does not have a bit grace however, have a bit of iron simple and honest feeling instead.However, when you study it closely, the eyes reveal the momentum of a strong woman.Probably this also is come for many years, Sun Li can all the time the main actor stars the reason of big female advocate…Ok, that’s all for today.Although some walk with wind, some walk wobbly, but no doubt in their bones show the characteristics of strong women.So, here’s the problem.What positions do you think these six villains would hold in the same company?