The Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off tonight, with tourists in Taoranting Park enjoying a warm welcome

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held tonight on February 4, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year.Upstream News (Mail according to the interview, in order to facilitate the urban cultural activities of Beijing Winter Olympics, enrich the citizens’ winter fitness and cultural life, and let citizens and tourists feel the fun of ice and snow activities, Beijing will continue to carry out the park ice and snow garden fair in the winter of 2021-2022, and set up three categories of activities including ice sports, snow sports and Winter Olympics theme exhibition.A total of 11 ice and snow venues were opened, including 7 ice rinks and 4 snow rinks, with more than 40 kinds of ice and snow activities.Visitors are very interested in the cute penguins in the Taoranting Park polar Animal Display area.Taoranting Park was built in 1952, integrating classical architecture and modern garden art. The “pavilion culture” of the Chinese nation is prominent here. At present, it is a national AAAA scenic spot and a boutique park in Beijing.On the morning of February 4, upstream news reporters came to Taoranting Park to see that the park laid out a flag, flags, winter Olympics knowledge display boards, etc., to create a “park, ice and snow, welcome the Winter Olympics” thick atmosphere.Visitors punch cards and take photos at the Taoranting Park Ice and Snow Carnival.Photo/Upstream news reporter Li Hongpeng in Taoranting Park ice and snow Carnival scene, many families out, children and adults playing together, taking pictures and shooting small video, playing very happy.Nearly 30,000 square meters of the snowfield uses the main visual colors of red and blue, there are not only suitable for younger children to play snow carousel, snow wave ball, snow train, but also suitable for older children snow banana boat, snow tank, snow flying saucer and so on.In addition, there are winter Olympics franchise merchandise, Antarctic penguin star, polar animal science, so that more people understand the Winter Olympics, fall in love with winter sports.Elements of the Winter Olympics can be seen everywhere in taoranting Park Ice and Snow Carnival.Flying saucers on the snow is one of the most popular tourist attractions, with a total of 22 6-meter-high, 80-meter-long trails.The ice slide, which is 88 meters long, 4 meters high and has a slope of 22 meters, is also one of the most popular online events at the Taoranting Ice and Snow Carnival.Visitors sit on a skateboard and slide down from a high place, which is more exciting than flying saucers on the snow and is especially popular with young people.In addition to the rides, Taoranting park also has a display area for polar animals, including several cuddly penguins.According to park staff, people can learn more about penguins through close observation, and cultivate children’s ecological awareness of caring for animals and protecting nature.Upstream news reporter Li Hongpeng