On New Year’s Eve, except For Huang Xuxi, running man’s official account has stated that Huang Xuxi will not appear again

2022-05-27 0 By

The show released an official statement saying that Hwang will be absent for personal reasons. Unfortunately, he will have to wait for the new season.(1) In South Korea, Huang Xuxi took the initiative to contact south Korean female fans, but also a soft rice male, open rooms are the woman’s money, actually or the woman like fans hate!As for the proof, his check-ins overlapped with his time in Korea, and he sent a voicemail, which didn’t match the three-second voicemail with the bubble voicemail.The most shocking thing he said was that I was not such a person. (2) It was really a man who treated his fans like a harem when contacting Chinese fans after a book signing, and then actively contacting the woman at the book signing without a small umbrella. As for the evidence, the book signing orders, as well as the tickets and hotel orders in Shenyang.The most shocking thing is that he said I haven’t had sex for a year. (3) Airdrop is that I don’t like to record running men, and I’m under great pressure. I don’t like the brand of my photos.(4) Horse in the heart (row famous SS) AirDrop tease SAO.My golden word is really have no home ah, the fans all become you this “yellow emperor” back garden!Hwang’s apology of 2018 boils down to sorry for his current resources, his fans, their team and, finally, himself.That’s why he’s ruining everyone.Some people still like him very much, perhaps it is really a willing to beat a willing to get it.Still many fans passers-by are very rational ha ha ha, some of you are really mean, I have not seen the video, hey hey, have you seen it?What’s the point of running man now?Now it’s the 10th issue, I feel people have changed, the director is the same routine, nothing too like.What do you think?Please leave a comment # Hwang Woo-hee