The baby of 13 months suddenly dyspnea is sent emergency room!Doctor’s emergency alert

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During the Spring Festival, accidental injuries to children occur frequently. According to hubei Economic TV live, the children’s respiratory department of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital receives children with foreign body inhalation every day. Babies are prone to choking on nuts, and school-age children often swallow stationery.Duoduo (pseudonym), who lives in Xianning, Hubei province, caught two peanuts and ate them at noon on February 6 when his family was not paying attention, only to have severe choking and breathing difficulties.The parents immediately sent Duoduo to the local hospital for treatment. CT examination found that there was a foreign body stuck in the main bronchus of the right lung, and it was suggested to immediately send Duoduo to the Maternal and child Health Hospital of Hubei Province for treatment.At 4 PM, parents drive will be sent to the hubei province maternity and child care a lot, the emergency department after the doctor found that was a lot of cyanosis, small breasts were deeply sunken go in every breath, obvious difficulty breathing, and CT examination at the hospital found that the main bronchus to left lung has a foreign body, will he sent to the children’s intensive medicine quickly.Considering the serious condition of Duoduo, the department of Pediatric intensive Care Medicine applied for a green channel, and the doctor performed bedside bronchoscopic foreign body surgery for Duoduo. The foreign body net basket was used to remove two small flowers from the main bronchus of the left and right lungs successively.Duoduo’s breathing difficulties quickly improved.”When the child was examined at the local hospital in Xianning, there was only a foreign body on one side of the lung. It may be that a peanut kernel moved to the other side of the lung due to the bumpy road crying.”Doctor introduction, this situation is quite dangerous, but the left lung main bronchus is not completely blocked, the child still has weak breathing.A total of three cases of school-age children inhaling stationery such as ballpoint pen tips and caps were treated in hubei Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital around the Spring Festival.On the third afternoon of the first day of the New Year, nine-year-old Qi Qi (pseudonym) was doing his homework when he twisted the tip of a ballpoint pen to play in his mouth, and tried to whistle with the tip of the pen. When inhaling, he forced the tip of the pen into his throat.Hearing Qiqi cough loudly, the mother ran to see the child’s small face was red, she quickly gave Him heimlich aid, the child’s face improved a little, but still did not spit out the pen.Mom thinks he may have swallowed it and wants the baby to pass it out.After dinner, qiqi’s breathing grew louder in the quiet room, and his mother decided to take him to the doctor.Doctors at hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital found through CT examination that qi Qi had a circular high density shadow in the middle dry bronchus of the right lung.The doctor immediately carried out bronchoscopy to remove the foreign body for Qiqi. He used foreign body forceps to firmly clamp the tip of the pen, find the correct Angle, quickly pass the glottis, and successfully remove the foreign body once.It is reported that in the 10 days around the Spring Festival, the bronchoscopy center of children’s Respiratory Department of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital performed nearly 20 foreign body removal operations.Wu Yabin, director of children’s respiratory medicine, introduced that babies under three years old are the main group of people who inhale nuts by mistake. The center has taken out peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pistachios and even hazelnut shells and other nut foreign bodies;School children are mainly responsible for swallowing stationery, toys and even dangerous items such as diodes.Director Wu reminded parents, in the holiday care children, children under 3 years old do not come into contact with small items, beware of accidental eating, as far as possible to eat nuts into powder, big children to do a good job of education remind, do not swallow foreign bodies in play.Source: Hubei TV JingSHI Live