The baby is growing up (3)

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Two months before turning two, your baby has changed a lot: he likes to whisper in your ear, “whisper,” and then kiss you very loudly.Mother comments: if the baby grew up will this move, look for an object need not worry.[yeah] can sing several children’s songs: “twinkle twinkle Little Star”, “little hands clap”, “Happy New Year”, “Bubble disappeared”, “little rabbit darling”……Pretty much the same guy he’s given a lot of.I can recite several poems: “Silent Night Thoughts”, “Benjamin Farmers”, “Goose, goose, Goose” and so on. I would like to share with my grandparents, but I don’t want to share with my mother [laughing and crying].There are two possible reasons for self-reflection: He gave me something to eat and I was never like my grandparents saying, honey, eat it yourself.And sometimes I eat a portion of it so the baby doesn’t have to eat the older kid’s snacks.The doll bears a grudge.He’s really good with the ball.On the door was made a basketball frame out of a delivery box, and the doll could shoot baskets by padding its feet.Can throw, catch, bounce, kick, etc.Common things in life can be expressed.There are also times when we solemnly try to explain something with a long list of words that we don’t quite understand.Seriously.You can walk for almost an hour, all the way, without holding.You can jump, you can jump.Ask your own questions and answer your own questions today.Standing on the bed, he sees the mirror in the distance and asks, “What’s in the mirror?”He answered, “Mom, Chenchen.”I didn’t realize what he was talking about until I heard his answer.Sometimes I worry about not raising my child the best, but I also know that a happy family and independent caregivers are valuable assets to a child’s development.