Pile flower cake group color painting multicolored to welcome the Winter Olympics

2022-05-25 0 By

Yangzi evening news network – Jan. 30 (reporter Routine hin The reporter Guo Jingyu) HuaHuanRen heap in making cakes Xu Mengchao taken 2022 Beijing Olympics is coming, the changzhou non-material cultural heritage inheritance HuaHuanRen busy, he purposely made a number of games are elements of the bunch of flower cake regiment, unique way to welcome the arrival of the event.According to the introduction, the flower cake is a traditional folk craft in Changzhou. The craftsmen make the cake with glutinous rice flour, and use the flour to make various figures, animals and scenery, and pile them on the cake.During the Spring Festival, birthday, ancestor worship and other events, the local people in Changzhou will make a pile of flower cake to make a good color.When the modern elements of the Winter Olympics meet the traditional rice cake, it is full of fun.It is also understood that in changzhou Jingkai District experimental primary school, children with more than 100 original paintings, calligraphy, handwork, for the Winter Olympics to send blessings.Swift athletes, beautiful ice and snow stadiums, lovely mascots and the time-honored Beijing are all in the paintings, showing the rich imagination of young children and their love for the motherland.Proofreading Xu Hang