Dangshan auxiliary police Sun Yongkang rescues a drowning man at night

2022-05-25 0 By

Sun Yongkang, assistant police officer of Beicheng Police Station of Dangshan County Public Security Bureau, jumped into an icy lake and saved a man who fell into the water.Around 23:12 on March 26, Dangshan County Public Security Bureau Beicheng Police Station received a warning that someone fell into the artificial landscape lake in a residential area.Sun Yongkang and Li Wenlu, auxiliary police officers of Beicheng Police Station, arrived at the scene two minutes after receiving the police situation.Four people fell into the lake, one of them floating face down in critical condition.Sun Yongkang immediately took out the rescue equipment from the police car, the rescue rope tied to his waist, did not have time to take out the phone with a life buoy jumped 2 meters deep lake, auxiliary police Li Wenlu pulled the rescue equipment on the shore, ready to rescue at any time.Sun quickly swam to the man face down and turned him over so that his head was above the water.As the lake was as steep as a wall and more than 2 meters above the ground, Sun yongkang tried several times to lift the man to the shore but failed.Seeing this situation, auxiliary police Li Wenlu immediately contacted the fire and rescue department, requesting reinforcements.After 10 minutes, the county fire rescue personnel arrived, first threw down the rope to pull the two people ashore, because of the depth, the water is cold, and has been struggling in the water for more than 10 minutes, Sun Yongkang physical overdraft, there is no strength to hold the drowning man ashore.Fire and rescue workers then resorted to a second plan to send the slide into the water.At 23:28, with the cooperation of firefighters and onlookers, Sun Yongkang struggled to lift the gradually conscious man to shore.By the time he landed on the slide, he was too exhausted and shivering to stand.Originally, that night four men drinking in the artificial lake chat, one accidentally fell into the water, the other three people saw after diving to rescue, because the lake is deep, not involved in the water of the three people lying on the shore dare not rashly action, hurried to the police.(Zhang Guangxing)