Japan’s “Queen of Ruins” old Moya tourist hotel opened VR tour

2022-05-24 0 By

The Old Moya Tourist Hotel in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan is known as the Queen of Ruins.Recently, a Non-profit organization (NPO) in Kobe city has used virtual reality (VR) technology to bring out the charm of the hotel in an online tour.The Old Moya Tourist Hotel, located in The Tsutan district of Kobe city, was closed in 1993, but was beloved by fans across Japan because of its beautiful appearance, and was affectionately called “The Queen of ruins” and “Mayakan.”In 2021, Mayakan was recognized as a National material cultural heritage of Japan.In order to promote Mayakan across Japan, a non-profit organization based in Kobe, which promotes the documentation and use of modern heritage, used VR technology to recreate the entire building based on more than 5,000 photographs, including interior Spaces that cannot be accessed during field visits.Online travelers can enjoy their doppelganger in the virtual space by operating special wearable devices.”We want to make people who visit online want to actually visit the local area, and people who actually visit want to see parts of the virtual space that are not normally open to the public, creating a nice circle of online and offline interaction,” said Yohei Maeda, a representative of the non-profit j-Heritage.