Luneng football school outstanding graduate center general Zhou Haibin

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Born in dalian, a famous soccer city, Zhou Haibin showed a talent for soccer at an early age. He attended Fuguo Primary School in Dalian, which is not as famous as Dongbei Road Primary School, but also a school with a soccer tradition.In 1997, 12-year-old Zhou Haibin went to Wuhan to participate in the “Small A” competition on behalf of Dalian Wanda Team. If he could get A good result, the team would be absorbed into the fourth team by Dalian Wanda.But unfortunately, because the players are very young, lack of big match experience, finally only won the fifth place.Zhou Haibin outstanding performance in the game, was then joined by luneng ladder coach attracted.At the age of 14, Zhou Haibin came to Luneng Football School for further study.Through hard training and excellent performance in Luneng Football School, Zhou haibin was soon selected to the National Junior team coached by Gao Hongbo and went to the Vietnam Junior Tournament in 2000.In the second half of 2002, Zhou haibin was promoted to the first team by Luneng coach Nebo.After entering the first team, Zhou haibin quickly established himself in the team.In 2003, at the age of 18, Zhou haibin was selected to the National team, making him the youngest player in the history of the Chinese national team and one of the first players to emerge from luneng Youth Training.2005 is the most glorious year of Zhou Haibin’s career.As the main midfielder of the National Youth Team, participated in the Netherlands World Youth Championship with the National Youth Team and successfully qualified in the group stage with three wins.Won the gold medal of men’s football in the 10th National Games on behalf of Shandong Team;Won the East Asian Semifinals with the National football team;As the main midfielder of the team, shandong Luneng won all six matches in the Group stage of the Asian Champions League, which is the only time for a Chinese Super League team to win all matches in the group stage of the Asian Champions League.At the age of 20, Zhou Haibin has become the main midfield player of his club, national youth team and national team.As the hub of luneng team’s offense and defense, Zhou Haibin can be seen in the team’s offense and defense, making great contributions to Luneng team’s winning of the Chinese Super League in 2006 and 2008 and fa Cup in 2006.At the beginning of 2009, Zhou Haibin and Shandong Luneng team contract expired.With the football association of the provisions of the “ownership” 30 months (at that time in the transfer of the Chinese football association rules, the player after the expiry of the contract with the club, the former club for the players still have thirty months of ownership), luneng club did not rush to sign a new contract and zhou haibing, however, is when the European season after winter transfer market opens,However, the news of zhou Haibin’s transfer to PSV eindhoven suddenly emerged.The transfer of Zhou Haibin not only broke the monopoly of Chinese clubs on the transfer power of players at that time, but also opened the door for the free transfer of Chinese players.On February 7, 2009, Zhou signed a contract with PSV eindhoven as a free agent for one year plus two and a half years. PSV has the right to decide whether to execute the remaining two and a half years of the contract at the end of 2009 depending on Zhou’s performance.However, zhou did not get a single chance to play in an official match for PSV in 2009, making a contract extension impossible.In the 2010 season, Zhou Haibin returned to Luneng and formed a solid midfield triangle with Cui Peng and Antal. Zhou haibin once again helped Shandong Luneng win the CSL championship. Zhou Haibin returned to China and remains one of the best midfielders in China.Zhou haibin, who had been a mainstay of Andic’s team in the early part of the 2013 season, lost his place after the fifth-round match against Liaoning Hongyun.As for why Antiqi abandoned Zhou Haibin, in addition to technical and tactical reasons, another major factor is zhou Haibin’s contract with Luneng team at that time is about to expire, the two sides renew the negotiation is not smooth.Subsequently, Zhou Haibin joined Tianjin Teda team.In the three and a half years, Zhou Haibin played 90 games in various competitions for The team, scoring 12 goals and giving out 9 assists, making great contributions to the team’s successful relegation in 2015 and 2016.During his time with Teda, Zhou quickly became not only the core player of the team and the leader of the first team, but also a role model for many young players.Tianjin Teda team captain Zhou Haibin 2017 season, Zhou Haibin returned to his mother team Shandong Luneng, at this time, he is a 32-year-old veteran.However, zhou’s return to his home team did not go well. In the 2017 season, Zhou played 10 times in the league (one as a starter and nine as a substitute), but his total game time was only 250 minutes.In the 2018 season, Zhou haibin made 13 league appearances (one as a starter and 12 as a substitute) with a total game time of 228 minutes.In both seasons, Zhou haibin failed to score or assist.In 2020, if the epidemic had not affected the 35-year-old Zhou Haibin, he might have been able to play another season, but after careful consideration, Zhou chose to retire.Now, Zhou haibin is a member of luneng’s first-team coaching staff, assisting Hao Wei to accumulate coaching experience.We look forward to zhou Haibin becoming an independent teacher in the near future.