Cloud Whale ii: the real use of technological innovation to enhance the user reputation of the sweeping robot products

2022-05-23 0 By

As we all know, the iron law of business development is that technology leads the future. Only technological innovation can truly improve product strength, thus strengthening enterprise competition and enhancing user reputation.And the sweeping robot industry is no exception.Recently, The second generation of Cloud Whale won the ZOL Recommendation award with its innovative automatic upstream and downstream function. Cloud Whale products once again attracted market attention, and its brand reputation was unprecedented.If a product wants to gain user reputation, it must first have real functional innovation. Yunjing Intelligent adopts differentiated competition mode, not relying on the change of parameters of sweeping performance to promote product update, but relying on continuous innovation and research and development to create high-quality products.Take Yunjing II as an example, its main automatic water change function, the first proposed automatic upstream and downstream function modular design;Automatic addition of detergent, using scientific ratio, to achieve efficient sterilization effect;45℃ mopping heat drying, away from bacteria mold;Smart APP Settings, timed automatic scanning and dragging……Through a series of innovative design functions, truly liberate the hands of users, bring a new experience of fully automatic mopping, and push the integration of fully automatic sweeping and dragging to a new height.In addition, to enhance user reputation, meticulous service is one of the most critical factors.The second generation of cloud whale adopts the idea of “one machine and two uses”, and takes the lead in the modular design of the automatic upstream and downstream function, which can be directly replaced with the ordinary water tank.Therefore, cloud Whale ii generation has two versions, one is the basic water tank version (users need to manually change the water);The other is the automatic upstream and downstream version (intelligent water change), which is suitable for users’ choice at different stages. This also reflects the concept of “Cloud Whale user first”, which puts users’ interests first and develops and upgrades products from the perspective of user experience.”Let users do a little less, do a little less”, cloud Whale ii generation of technological innovation, really free the hands of users, let users really experience the fun of doing a little less, and users have also brought cloud Whale good market feedback.After the official launch of Cloud Whale ii on November 11, it created a monthly sales volume of 7W+ on Tmall platform alone, causing quite a stir in the market. Then cloud Whale II was listed on the list of 2021 Zhihu Top 100 Good Things.Cloud Whale intelligent also successfully selected in the “2021 Venture” list and 2021 investment industry new consumption Venture50 double list, the user reputation continues to improve, the market prospect is worth looking forward to.The strong technical strength and the research and development spirit of excellence make The second generation of Cloud Whale become the focus of attention of the industry, at the same time, it also causes the continuous fermentation of consumers’ reputation, and finally creates the incomparable competitive advantage of Cloud Whale intelligence.In the future, we have reason to believe that cloud whale intelligence will be better and better tomorrow.