Dream journey to the West: artifact with “uncut jade yun Hua Guang” strategy

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Author: NGA- flat flat flat, task: jade yun Huaguang;Difficulty: Normal mode;Rank: 129 Squad: Mission outline:Regulus datang overseas to receive tasks – > north all Wu Tianbing LuZhou dialogue to escort the staining bowl, and the daughter of the village village disciples say hello to daughter village dialogue from season, the rain daughter ling village dialogue and shenmu dialogue Lin who coagulation appearance – > to shenmu specified position to help – Lin dialogue setting posture – 5 specifies three medicine save – and who discuss coagulation appearance – > use of props in ling early rain and dialogue – to the moon where to find with themXinghe Lu → go to Penglai Fairy Island to find ling Quan Dao tong to get Ling Quan → Go to Nuwa Miracle to find miracle guards to get the stone → Sacred wood dialogue Ling Yulu → Silk Road final battle Ling Yulu → branch (end) Foreword: this artifact together decisive battle BOSS stage to the team recovery ability is higher, tail king fighting time is longer.Detailed process: Only Ling Yulu at the beginning, but immediately summon 5 small monsters and escape, so do not enter the battle with only one NPC single point skill.Open the second directly.One battle map missing here!5 female characters, all daughter village school, in addition to the main monster 4 small monsters will use double seal or rain cold sand.Demon flower for hell door party, puppet ghost for lion Camel ling door party, flame demon god for devil king door party, small strange with miracles, the Lord strange kill.After the small monsters clean up all defenses until Ling Yulu escape.Spirit crane for five zhuang door school, mirror demon for Lingbo city door school, tear demon for law school.Seal the crane and gather fire to kill the lacrimal demon to ensure the urgent task is completed.You can kill the mirror demon first to your team.It is recommended that the two auxiliary magic weapons be equipped with a light.Kill two mighty Apes first, and save all other monsters in the scene if they are mortally wounded.Do not attack mirage monsters next turn on physics. Mirage monsters defend for 1 turn unless you have a rampart.Advanced jiaolong lingbo city gate party, wild leopard for lion camel ling gate party, phoenix devil gate party, advanced dragon turtle for huasheng gate party.This battle monster damage is high, health is thick, and has a miracle.The first round seal advanced dragon, focus phoenix.Seal the llama and kill the Phoenix in round 2.The next turn is one physics kill one physics.When the player character automatically shouts “I sense something bad is about to happen”, the next turn the opposite monster will focus on that character.So it is suggested to kill the phoenix first a law only seedlings, the remaining two physical points to kill your defense can resist.Opening ling Yulu an NPC, players under the instructions ling Yulu will call 5 mirage demon.The front mirage demon is DF door group, the back mirage demon is PS, MW, LB, WZ door group from left to right, all with miracles, fell to the ground after death.If huaguang jade’s power is still left, Ling Yu Lu will revive a mirage demon with full health in the next turn.The mirage of rank 129 team is 1.35W.Because ling Yulu only resurrects one fallen mirage per turn, it takes more turns to completely consume the power of Hua Guang Yu, and the damage of Ling Yulu mirage is very high and the miracle is carried, so the recovery ability of the team is higher, the team with low meditation may need to bring some blue.In addition, you can gather fire to attack Ling Yulu, when ling Yulu blood is very low will consume the power of Huaguangyu recovery of their own blood.What I take is to kill mirage demon and consume the power of Huaguang jade.Try to use multiple target damage and try to knock down 2 or 3 mirages per turn so you don’t have to be full every turn.Of course, there is no need to force, the team hardware is not high or to kill output to ensure the survival of the team.The subsequent branches are not described in detail.