Why are the stir-fried clams in restaurants so tender and unshelled?A lot of people don’t understand, how do chefs do it

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The fried flowers in the hotel, why so spicy flavor, all open the shell and not spit meat, not fishy not wood, very tender, wrapped with a layer of flavor, in fact, very simple, today uncle to teach you.Hello, everyone, I am a human, ugly words are not much, too bad, today we do a bacchus spicy fried flower, the dish is ready, on nine, we are going to spend ha jin, also have encyclopedia, such as this dead goods, open shell do not.Add a little bit of salt, shake him up, then a little bit of oil, let the oil coat the flower, let this little thing fill it up.Add water and soak for two hours. This is our fine sand trick. Let’s prepare the garlic seeds for the first time and slice the old ginger with a diagonal knife.Millet pepper cut into circles to increase dust color, parsley a cut into segments, spring Onions and cut into sections, coriander and spring onion has a very good to cheat, incense pot boil dry to clean, soak for two hours of flower almost killed a rinse water is ok, don’t have to go also need not add water, directly down into smooth smooth, add a little cooking wine to xing, blanch words will influence the fragrance of flowers ha taste,Cover the lid and stew for a minute, then let hua Ha open the shell by herself. After the shell is completely opened, hua Ha is also cooked. Pour the soup into the plate, and there will be no use to wash the pot for cooking, add oil and shake him a few times.Add onion, ginger, millet and pepper and fry them until fragrant, then steam them with oyster sauce, pour a little soy sauce in from the side of the pot, because the high temperature of the pot can make the soy sauce instantly produce aroma, which is very hot and fragrant, and the juice that comes out of the flower shell is very fresh when you add it, a little chicken essence, a little pepper, because the soy sauce and oyster sauce are very fresh.There is no need to add salt to fry the meat with a little thicken to make the taste thicker and better wrap the lu hua. This year, you can add a little onion oil to increase the aroma.Add the shallots and coriander and stir-fry them a few times. Add the spring Onions and coriander to add the flavor and flavor. Stir-fry them a few times and let the juices wrap the huaha and the vegetables and add a spicy stir-fry.When the day is hot, about three or five good friends, beer to a stack, wine talk about the world.Like our video and be sure to like and follow.