Hot!!!IFAB will officially announce the permanent retention of “5 substitutions per game”

2022-05-21 0 By

It is well known that due to the epidemic, the substitution system in football matches was briefly changed to “five substitutions per game”, which added more uncertainty to the game and more possibilities for change.The IFAB, the governing body that sets the rules of modern football, will hold a general meeting on March 3 to approve a decision to make the five-player substitution system permanent.Before the domestic league substitutions quota is 3, plus the U23 policy so the suspense of the match is actually very small.It is very difficult for a substitute to go against the wind and sit in the first team.First of all, there are not many opportunities for them to play, so that the enthusiasm of the players in training is greatly reduced.Later, due to the epidemic, the substitutions were changed to five. From the match scene, the arrangement of the team was more flexible, the match was more intense, and the players sitting on the bench also had more opportunities to prove themselves.So this change many fans say very good, the game is better than before.It is now almost certain that the policy will be made permanent.Some fans agree that the game will be more exciting and intense, but this policy also has his disadvantages, that is, the weaker team may be more difficult to play the stronger team, the probability of upset is less.That may not be too much for the suspense of the game.I have to say that this policy does have its advantages as well as disadvantages.However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, which gives the manager more possibility to improvise, the game has more uncertainty, and the players will be more motivated.(the way)