Fujian: Strong and committed to contributing new contributions to the coming Year of the Tiger

2022-05-21 0 By

The Provincial Party Committee, the standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government and the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) issued New Year’s greetings on the arrival of the Year of Yin and Tiger.”Warm, exciting, exhilarating…”The message received a warm response from the cadres and people in Fujian province, who all said that the message was warm, powerful and inspiring. It conveyed the power of encouraging people to forge ahead between the lines and sounded the horn of making new achievements in the Year of the Tiger.As we embark on a new journey in the New Year, we have all pledged to keep our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, continue to struggle and march forward bravely, strive to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts, and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.”In my New Year speech, I mentioned that we should do practical things to improve the livelihood of millions of families so that everyone can enjoy more happiness and warmth.As a community worker with roots at the grassroots level, I will stay true to my original aspiration, do practical things well and serve community residents wholeheartedly.”Zeng Chunhua, secretary of the Beijiang Community Party Committee in Gulou District, Fuzhou, said that last year, the community Party committee took the lead in organizing the strength of units under its jurisdiction, party members and enthusiastic residents, and accomplished 122 practical matters of all kinds.Next, we will continue to work based on the position, practice the people-centered concept, and take practical actions to improve people’s sense of happiness.After reading the New Year’s speech, Yan Guohui, executive vice minister of The Party Committee of Xiamen Huasha College, was very excited.”In the past year, the Party Committee of Huasha College has made great efforts to build a new mechanism to promote all kinds of work under the guidance of party construction, especially to innovate the model of full coverage of party construction in apartment community, making student apartment the front position of Party construction work.”Yan Guohui said, “The year of the Ox is the year of the Ox, and the year of the Tiger is the year of the tiger. We firmly believe that under the care and guidance of party committees and government departments at all levels of the province, Huasha University will be like a tiger with wings added to its wings, and will cultivate and deliver more talents with both political integrity and ability for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.””The congratulatory speech looked back affectionately to the extraordinary dream pursuit journey of Fujian province in the past year, and also sounded a rallying call for the people of fujian province to continue to forge ahead in the New Year.”Located in anxi kexing bridge in quanzhou space technology co., LTD., general manager of Guo Hailiang said excitedly, “the next step, we will rely on digital fujian (anxi) industrial park, on the basis of the global business of remote sensing satellite ground station, upward downstream industry chain extension, create empty sea integration of heaven and earth of empty big industry data, provide data support for the digital economy in fujian province industry.””The message inspires us to look to the future hand in hand, heart to heart.”MingXi WenYuQiang said secretary of the county hair change, as an old revolutionary base areas at the grass-roots level workers, will care about care into passion, push forward the reform of the true meaning of the service enterprise, the enthusiasm of the crucial project, with the people, walk the line, improving special rich industries, infrastructure and public service level, strive for more high quality projects in old revolutionary base areas,We will strive to blaze a new trail of revitalization and development in old revolutionary base areas in the new era.”The struggle of the journey, only in progress never finished;Inspiring New Year’s greetings, sounded the horn of the year of the Tiger.”Chen Xu, secretary of the Discipline inspection Commission of Jianyang District, Nanping City, felt proud of the achievements fujian province has made in the past year, and also felt that there is a long way to go to do a good job in discipline inspection and supervision, “to escort the economic development, the discipline inspection and supervision organs shoulder the heavy responsibility.Jianyang zone will focus on building loyalty clean for discipline inspection tiejun, improve political stance and focus on their role, do real fine supervision, to ensure the party’s decision to deploy to where, where supervision is to follow up, continue to strengthen the party’s ruling political foundation and mass base, with more power, more as involved in the entire province economic society in the development of high quality.”We are all creators, contributors and devotees of a better life.As community workers, we should also contribute to building a warm and happy Shilla.Chen Liufen, party secretary of Songtao Community, Dongcheng Street, Xinluo District, Longyan City, said that the New Year’s speech made her passionate, but also strengthened the ideal of serving the people and the determination to work and start a business confidence.We should, under the leadership of the Party, based on their own work, take the initiative to listen to public opinion, and actively solve problems for the residents, with full enthusiasm, high morale actively into the community work, always put “I do practical things for the masses” in the first place, seriously do their own work.Last year, Wu Chenhong, a grass-roots epidemic prevention worker in Tuiping Township, Zhurong County, united as one to fight against the epidemic, just like the cadres who do epidemic prevention and control work.”New Year new atmosphere, New Year new actions.”I will continue to stick to my post and earnestly implement all epidemic prevention and control measures to protect people’s lives, health and safety with the spirit of being vigorous and energetic.”Wu Chenhong said.