6 new subway lines!Guangzhou blue book for land, even involving a number of metro zengcheng

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As the construction land supply plan of Guangzhou city in 2022 is released, the blue Book of Guangzhou Business Land Supply in 2022 is also officially released.A total of 224 plots (750.3 hectares) were included in the blue Book.Among them, 62 cases (379.4 hectares) of residential land, mainly distributed in Baiyun, Zengcheng, Liwan, Huadu and other areas.Commercial service land 130 cases (280.8 hectares), mainly distributed in Pazhou Internet Innovation cluster Zone, City start-up area, City East, Baiyun New Town business district, Panyu South Station area and other areas.And in zengcheng 17 residential +3 business +19 industrial land location map, found 6 new subway lines!Next, let’s take a look at them in order: Line 16: Line 16 is planned to start from Xintang Subway Station, along which there will be xintang passenger station – Shapo – Xiancun – Shitan – Zengcheng Railway Station – Gualuhu – Zengcheng Square and other stops. It ends at Licheng Street and runs in a south-northeast direction.It is reported that the project will give priority to the construction of the first phase (Zengcheng Square – Shitan section).Line 20: Line 20 is planned to start from Guangzhou Tower and pass through Zhujiang New Town, Huangpu And Zengcheng New Tang.Line 23 on the north side of Xintang Avenue (homestead) : Line 23 starts and ends at Chisha Jiao – Nizi, connecting haizhu, Tianhe, Huangpu and Zengcheng.It connects pazhou city, Financial City, Yuzhu CBD, smart City, Science City and other high-level major industrial platforms on the eastern banks of the Pearl River.Line 27, west of Xinke Road, Development Zone (homestead) : Line 27, starting from Xinhe Station of Line 14, passes through Knowledge City, Education City and Zengcheng Xinsha, with a total length of about 49.5 km, and the condition of extending to Dongguan is reserved in the future.Zhu zhu village, village street road west plot (homestead) new town in the new f avenue east block (homestead) xintang town wide garden expressway south plot line, 28 (homestead) : 28 line along the plot also more than haizhu pazhou, and li wan fang village, lu ju road two homestead, and huangpu fish bead, ports and three phase plot, zengcheng xintang, li lake street block, etc.Liwan Luju Road plot (LW16 and lw17 are homesteaded land) is a well-known line, which has been included in the Inter-city railway of the Greater Bay Area. At present, it has been included in the provincial and municipal key construction preparatory projects. In the future, this line will connect 7 big cities in the Bay Area.Line 40: Line 40 passes through the huangpu Changling Ju CPPQ-A4-5 lot, with changping station, can be transferred with Line 21.In addition, a branch line is planned to pass along Yongshun Avenue and extend to Zengcheng Yongning Xinxin Avenue.Yonghe HP02YH-L1-0 Lot (Commercial land) Lot on the east side of Xinxin Avenue, Yongning Street (Residential land)