Washer’s lake’s lake episode introduction (the first 1-35 complete set) final broadcast time, several updates

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“Vasher jianghu” will be updated and broadcast on iQiyi and other platforms from February 02, 2022, please pay attention!Washe river’s lake plot introduction: some dynasty some generation, prosperous prosperous, peaceful and peaceful, the world praised the little emperor wise and wise.But in fact, the little emperor was not yet in charge, and the power was in the hands of the queen mother and his uncle.The little emperor, who was not interested in government, was obsessed with visiting the palace and listening to operas.One day, small emperor discovers secret way in a palace, silent touch slip away, unexpectedly secret way end is unexpectedly the tile that is about to open business afresh.Small emperor encounters White Xiaoqing of boss of house of give up, conceal identity from now on, opened the double face life of boy of house of give up of house of love and true destiny, with artist of a group of wonderful flower be in company, thorough folk experience examines common people, after all previous classics twists and turns, grow eventually to be able to carry the outstanding king of the important task of state a state….The first set of the city central palace wall towering towering, the palace in the small emperor (Qin Xiaoxian ornaments) study sitting.North of the city opened a new de Foise house, to invite the famous actor to be a guest.If the emperor was really young, he read the four books and five Classics in his study every day.The empress dowager was afraid of his plaything, saying that the opera was forbidden in the palace.Did not expect this little emperor does not love to manage the world affairs, thinking about when can come on stage to sing music.No one showed up for a long time when De Foische was broke.No matter how big opening, the door is still no one.Bai Xiaoqing (Zhao Xiaotang is acted the role of) do not want to hit signboard, asked famous actor LAN Ling (Meng Hetang is acted the role of) on stage.Unexpectedly, Lanling played a big game and found an assistant to replace him.The assistant looked quite black, probably to give them a mawei.There box small emperor was urged by the queen mother to learn the way of governance, daily life is very boring, almost forced to hang.There was also a bodyguard named Ba2, who reported his actions to the Queen mother every day.As a result, the little emperor found that there was a secret way in the south study and made up his mind to crawl away secretly.2 sets Lanling (Meng Hetang) assistant by all means difficult, Washer can only compromise.After all, the actor’s face is not small, gas away from him, Vasher is not selling tickets.Here the little emperor (Qin Xiaoxian ornaments) out of the secret road, the eyes were lanling posters, excited his heart pinging, but was as a clothes thief, almost got a blast hammer.Originally he wanted to run away, but wanted to listen to Lanling opera, it was itching to endure.Finally the little emperor actually chess line dangerous recruit, from the palace to steal a few sets of clothes, pretend to be the costume of the troupe play robe, in the Vasshe submitted the entry report!It’s a bit of a farce, let’s see what he does!Set 3 little emperor (Qin Xiaoxian ornaments) came to fuwashe, see what are novel.Compared to the former palace, it is a heaven and a earth.An old loyal minister lost his temper every day, saying that the emperor lived a luxurious life and could not understand public opinion.Now came to the folk, the little emperor saw this old loyal minister in the world, really let him have a little doubt about life, back to the palace, the little emperor’s words beat strange, scared him to kneel on the ground.Nevertheless what small emperor cares most still is famous horn Lanling (Meng Hetang is acted the role of), belatedly he, do not resemble fokelore in so one’s great name, changed a bit instead modelling?Illusion, must be illusion…The fourth set of Lanling (Meng Hetang ornaments) to the beginning of the wasshe, all kinds of requirements, busy everyone scratching broken head.He must say that this little Vassal is not worthy of his part, and that he must find someone to serve him well, or else he will take the deposit and go.The little emperor (Qin Xiaoxian) in order to see the lanling stage, with eight two learned how to be a slave.The level of the palace was really severe, lanling could not find fault with it.So he thought up some new excuse, that he was sick and his throat was so bad that he couldn’t sing, and I reckon he just wanted to grease his feet — run away!Too bad about all the meat vasher got for him.Alas, coming on stage, let’s see if Vasher can still collect his ticket!The fifth set Lanling (Meng Hetang) drunk truth, as expected he is to cheat money!In those days, he got dozens of big boards for singing anti-poetry, and now he is scared to death on stage!The little emperor (Qin Xiaoxian) began to want to help the idol cover up, the results were as an accomplice, was almost sent to the government to accuse him of fraud.Finally, everyone sat down and thought, what should we do when all the tickets were sold?In particular, there is a boss in the opposite tianlongwa house, calculating that they can not perform, not only do not refund tickets, but also invited a bunch of senior officials in the capital, waiting for them to lose face.Fortunately, we thought of a good plan, the little emperor painted a big face, Lanling sang in the back, he played in front!The great drama finally came to a close.The sixth set of the capital there is a rumor of murder, black killers often channelized.She all a plan, huang whereabouts, like a suspect!Here box small emperor (Qin Xiaoxian) is still in the palace to break the case, because he found in the vegetable market, the folk dishes one or two silver can buy a big car, but in the palace is not enough to fry a dish.So he went to the little eunuch in the imperial kitchen and found out who had embezzled the procurement budget.As he returns to wash give feel oneself very satisfied, by bai Xiaoqing however (Zhao Xiaotang is acted the role of) a sneak attack.Finally she came to the conclusion that the little emperor really did not know martial arts, or he would not have been beaten black and blue.But that’s not the end of the story. His status is not always clear.How should the little emperor dispel his doubts?Watch the story continue!